1 09, 2017

September Special 2017

$6.00 off full/mini grooming (No Saturdays) 40% off Dental/Spay/Neuter with Blood Panel $25 off Full Vaccs Feline/Canine One coupon per pet | Offers good until 9/30/17 Must Bring this coupon! CALL US TODAY! 404-498-4620

1 08, 2017

August Specials 2017

20% off full feline vaccs package 25% off dental with blood work 35% off and free nail trim with spay/neuter with blood work Offers good through 8/31/17 | Must bring coupon | One offer per pet

1 07, 2017

July 2017 Monthly Specials

30% OFF Full Vaccine Package (Canines) 25% OFF Full Vaccine Package (Felines) 30% OFF Complete Neuter/Spay/Dental with Blood Work

31 05, 2017

June 2017 Monthly Special

25% OFF Full Vaccine Package 20% OFF Dental/Neuter/Spay with Blood Work Free Dental Report with Doctor's Visit $6.00 OFF Full Groom (No Saturdays) $10.00 OFF Total Boarding (2 or more days, no Saturday or Sunday) Call us today to schedule your visit! 770-498-4620 Must bring in this coupon. One offer per pet. Expires 6/30/17

1 05, 2017

May’s Monthly Special

FREE Physical with Full Canine/Feline Vaccines Set $85.00 Off Spay or Neuter or Dental with Blood Work (No Saturdays) $7.00 Off Grooming Services (No Saturdays) Free "Easy" Nail Trim with Doctor's Exam Call today to schedule your appointment! Must bring this coupon!

3 04, 2017

April 2017 Specials!

$7.00 Off Full Groom (No Saturdays) $40 Off Full Vaccines Canine $25 Off Full Vaccines Feline 35% Off Dental/Spay/Neuter with Blood Panel Purchase 4 Consecutive Boarding Nights & Get 1 Free Must bring coupon!

1 03, 2017

March Specials!

Free Physical with Full Canine and Feline Vaccs Set $80 OFF Spay or Neuter with PABP $6 Grooming (No Saturdays) Free Basic Bath with Full Vaccs Set (Mondays Only)   Call today to schedule your appointment! 770-498-4620. Must bring this coupon! Offer only good for one pet. 

1 02, 2017

February 2017 Specials

50% Off Dental with Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile $30 Off Full Canine Vaccines & $20 Off Full Feline Vaccines $5 Off Total Grooming (No Saturdays) Free Dental Assessment with Dr's Visit Call today! Must bring coupon. One offer per pet!

1 01, 2017

Winter Blast 2017

50% Off Neuter/Spay/Dental with Blood Work $6 Off Groom Total (No Saturdays) Free Dr's Visit (not NRT) with Full Vacc. Package

1 12, 2016

December Monthly Special

Happy Holidays! 45% off Spay/Neuter/Dental with blood work Free Dental Assessment with Dr.’s exam $30.00 off Full vacc set canine (Not Saturday) $25.00 off Full vacc set feline (Not Saturday) Call us today! 770-498-4620