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Success Stories

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On Kidney Problems…

I am very grateful for the Nutritional Response Testing work that Dr. Moorehead offers. He has helped both my dog and cat with health issues that have been compromising their well-being, and have not been successfully treated by conventional (and even alternative) veterinary medicine. My 12 year old cat has had many years of difficult symptoms that looked chronic bladder problems, requiring antibiotics, herbs, and extra fluids on a frequent basis. His behavior was difficult, as he could not sleep at night and has disrupted my rest for [...]

On Diarrhea…

Thank you for your caring, professional veterinary services provided for Rifka, my cat.  She no longer has bowel problems and even her breath is fresher. When you examined her, you detected kidney and allergy problems and began to treat her with alternative/complimentary pet care.  I was just thrilled that you did not want to give her all mater of medicines which often have major side effects.  Instead, you used vitamins and herbs which corrected the problems. I must note that Rifka hates going to the vet for any [...]

On Weight Loss…

I am writing this to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for helping my Norwegian Elk Hound, Loki loose weight and improve her health. Loki got up to an alarming 84 pounds, no matter how I tried to control her diet. She started having difficulty in walking and looked as though she was always in pain. After a thorough exam, Dr. Moorehead prescribed “Science Diet R/D” for overweight dogs and “Canine Musculoskeletal Support” for her joints and tissues. Loki now weighs 56 ½ pounds, a loss of 1/3 [...]

On skin, teeth and other immune challenges

My dog, Finn, has not been the healthiest of dogs. At a very young age, his vet bills started to accumulate. When he was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He was unable to walk at all during his second year of life. On two different occasions, he broke large molars while chewing on Nyla bones that required surgery each time. He has had kidney infections and skin issues. Trips to the vet were a very common occurrence in our home. In spite of all [...]

On Cushing’s Disease

My toy poodle, Baron has suffered with Cushings disease for the past four years. We have seen numerous vets, including specialists at the University of TN. After exhausting all possible solutions, I found Dr. Moorehead and Main Street. Baron has been a patient since April 2013. The results during this short 6-7 month period have been absolutely remarkable. Baron’s health has improved 100 percent. I give Dr. Moorehead and Main Street the highest of recommendations. Excellent care, wonderful staff and a true spirit of caring make this vet [...]

On longevity and a higher quality of life…

Dear Dr. Moorehead: Thank you very much for caring for my aging friend, Mocha. I brought her to your office because she couldn’t lift her tail, was in pain and scared of everything since the house was hit by a tornado last March. You suggested trying an alternative therapy program using nutritional supplements

On feline teeth and gum disease

Dear Dr. Moorehead, I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you for saving my sweet old cat, Buttercup.  As you know, he had stomatitis and had to have all of his teeth extracted as he was in such pain and wouldn’t eat.  The extractions were done by an animal dentist (there are only 2 in all of Atlanta) and this seemed to help him at first.  But after a few months, he was in pain again and wouldn’t eat.  I went back to the first dentist and [...]

On Epilepsy…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain’s friends; This letter is a testimonial to your skills in treating our dog Sukha who was having seizures. You speculated that Sukha’s thyroid was under active and that a combination of natural medicines and conventional medication might be beneficial. I was skeptical. Epilepsy was in this dog’s history. However, I trusted your judgment and you were right. First we had several months of treatment with many natural medicines and one standard medication. Slowly Sukha’s thyroid function improved. He has [...]

On geriatric care, kidney failure, liver issues

I am a volunteer at a local shelter and have rescued dogs and cats from the shelter for a few years. Of my last three rescue dogs, the first one had been dumped at the shelter at least twice due to old age and numerous health problems. People nowadays just dump their old animals at the shelters rather than doing the responsible and moral thing and taking care of them until the end of their life. But, that’s another story. I took this old dog (Frances) to my [...]

On Mast Cell Tumors

Dear Dr. Moorehead, We just wanted to thank you for giving us these last two years with “Boots”, our 9 ½ years beloved Sharpei. We came to you two years ago, after “Boots” had surgery for malignant mass cell tumors. We went the conventional way for his surgery, but the tumors started to return. We did not want him to go through that experience again. Bringing our best friend to you was the best thing to happen to us and our “Boots”. The treatment with Nutrition Response Testing [...]

On Diabetes…

What a dilemma! In March 2007, our only child, a seven year old Australian Cattle dog named Annie was diagnosed with diabetes.  After working as alternative health care practitioners for over thirty years, but with no training or experience with dogs, we were hesitant, even fearful, to apply the methods we know.  Had she been human, we would have been comfortable consulting with other holistic minded doctors and expected great results utilizing the natural healing capabilities of the body.Annie’s condition soon deteriorated to ketoacidosis, and it took a [...]

On Skin Allergies…

When Dr. Moorehead first did the “arm thing” (NRT) to diagnose medical problems, my initial thought was, “It may be time to look for another vet.” Well, two puppies, many supplements, and years later, I am a believer. My latest success story involves KaCe, my mixed terrier who looks just like Benji. She had been scratching incessantly and, literally, chewing the area near her tail. Dr. Moorehead indicated that 9 out of 10 times the cause for this behavior was fleas. I knew she was the 1 out [...]

On immune system challenges and allergies

Dear MainStreet Veterinarians Team, Thank you for all your help with Sasha!  Sasha is a 9 year old black lab. She suffered from immune system problems and allergies for many years. The conventional vets kept using steroid shots that caused bad reactions and never fixed the cause. Sasha spent 4 days in the critical care unit with blood plasma transfusions and very near death after her last episode almost 2 years ago. We had a good experience with another holistic vet but no comparison to the NRT (Nutrition [...]

On canine uterine infection

I just wanted to share with you the benefits of brining your pet to Dr Moorehead. I am an alternative health care doctor and utilize a lot of nutrition. So I take care of my dogs. Several times my dogs have had life threatening problems which I did not know how to handle. I live in Woodstock so it is quite a haul to get to Stone Mountain but now unquestionably realize it is well worth the trip. I had taken them to other alternative doctors but they [...]

On skin allergies

My blue (gray) Pit Bull, Minnie, began seeing Dr. Moorehead over a year ago. Minnie was only a few months out of the shelter and began developing pretty severe “hot spots” on her neck. Not long after, she started to get strange bumps all over her body. The bumps were sometimes hard and pink; others were filled with white fluid. Sometimes they would break open and bleed, and other times they’d just disappear after a few weeks. She would also go through periods of extreme shedding (she has [...]

On Ear and Facial Inflammation…

I have known Dr. Moorehead since I was in middle school.  I do not remember how my mom decided to choose Dr. Moorehead as our veterinarian, but it doesn’t matter because he is the best!  He has always taken such great care of our cat and dog, especially when a car hit our dog Buddy.  Dr. Moorehead treated him without any kind of surgery and now he is in the best shape he’s ever been in. Now I am all grown up, live on my own, and have [...]

On Environmental Allergies…

I took my dog Sophie to main street because she was having ulcers on her front pads. My vet did not know what it was and pretty much sent us on our way.Dr. Moorehead was our hero. He did some homeopathic (NRT) testing on her and it ended up she was allergic to my cleaning products, some food, sugar, and certain treats. Gave me some medication (nutrition) to detox her and stop itching and in 2 weeks she was heeled. I couldn’t believe it. Since then she still [...]

On Chronic Vomiting, Diarrhea and Weight Loss

My 7-yr old Yorkie “Boss” is the love of my life. He’s my mother’s only “grandchild” and he is an integral part of our family. Oddly enough, he’s been pretty healthy most of his life so I was really surprised when he became sick in February. He was vomiting off and on all week and I did the usual (held his food, changed to baby food for a few days, etc). This time, it was apparent he was really sick, so we took him to his regular vet [...]

On back legs paralysis

At Thanksgiving, 2010, our 12 year-old Golden Retriever, Lacey, suddenly had difficulty walking. Her hind legs buckled under her & they seemed to go spastic. She also started “knuckling” with her rear paws. We took her the next day to the veterinarian who had been seeing her since she was a puppy. He told us that Lacey was suffering from ataxia of the hind legs & proprioceptive deficits. He basically told us that he could give her pain meds & steroids, but we would sooner than later have [...]

On Heartworms…

I wanted to write and thank all of you at Main Street Veterinarians for the excellent care my wonderful dog Lucy received.  She is a hardy lab mix and to my dismay several years ago had a severe reaction to her vaccinations.  She was under the care of a critical care veterinary clinic and with their help pulled her through.  Because of the experience I became very hesitant about giving her any kind of medication for fear of a reaction.  I even went the route of having titers [...]