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On Discoid Lupus

Dr. Moorehead is a gifted practitioner.  He employs a technique called Nutrition Response Testing or NRT which I consider to be the medicine of the future.  The supplements can be fairly expensive, depending on the issues, but they have totally resolved any health problem I brought to him -something all other vets COULD NOT do. This Doctor specializes in difficult cases and can heal, or at the very least, greatly improve the quality of health of your beloved pet.

I first found Dr. Moorehead over SIX years ago after my 8year old dog, Lula was diagnosed with an immune disorder by a Vet who specialized in Animal Allergies & Dermatology  – Discoid Lupus that can turn into regular Systemic Lupus. After expensive testing (required to definitively diagnose this particular disease) this vet wanted to put Lula on a drug for the rest of her life -Imuran which they give to organ transplant patients so they won’t reject the organ – it’s an immuno-suppressant with horrible side effects.  I declined saying, “I wouldn’t take that drug myself and I’m not giving it to my dog,” and walked out.

I don’t know how MainStreet Vets name came up in my searches but I was looking for natural methods as I am into them for myself and as a Registered Dietitian I am a big believer that lack of nutrition accounts for 75% of all disease.  Once I saw on their website that Dr. Moorehead does Nutrition Response Testing on pets (I had used NRT on myself with great results and had seen great results in my nutrition practice just using the whole food supplements by Standard Process that this vet uses) I made an appt immediately.

Well, within 2 weeks on the program her crusty, flaking, nearly pink nose was dramatically better and by 4 months she had regained the hair on the hairless rings around her eyes and the pink & flat-black nose color was back to the rich black cobblestone it’s supposed to be!I have pictures for anyone that needs proof.  I actually sent them to that vet specialist who prescribed the drug but never heard back.

NO ONE else does NRT for pets and Dr. Moorehead is a genius with the NRT.  I highly suggest PEOPLE do NRT as well – it IS, as I say, the medicine of the future and worth the money to resolve or improve important health issues.

By the way, if you do go and do the program, keep your supplements in the fridge as it will protect their potency – so you and your pet can use them the next year or two – even if they are expired they are still probably 75% effective.  (They are required to have an expiration date to insure full potency and also in case they’re dug up 10 years from now etc.) This will save you $$$ because typically you may need the same nutrition boost again. Keep a list of what and how much of each you have on hand b4 you do the next visit so you’ll know if you need to buy more.

My (now)14 year old Lula has been doing GREAT and has been seeing him several times a year for a nutrition tune-up and also to resolve any major issues like vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, lethargy and skin conditions that crop up.  All issues TOTALLY resolved or improved immeasurably! I truly believe my sweet Lula would not still be here with me today had I not found MainStreet Vets.

Oh and Dr. Moorehead has a WONDERFUL bedside manner as a doctor and all of his staff are friendly and nice, too!


On unresolved respiratory problems

Have you tried a “holistic” doc before?? Me neither, until I ran out of options or so I thought. As it turned out, Dr Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain was the best option.

“Thumper”, my Boston terrier, has always been my healthy boy. However, in Aug 2015 he started having a bad cough. Thumper’s regular Doc did X-rays and thought he had pneumonia. We tried all kinds of antibiotics and antifungals. “Thumper” wouldn’t play or drink water. His vet was having to hydrate him each time we went in (putting 1/2 a Liter of fluids between his shoulders). He started turning down food and laying around sleeping, not playing. I would give him syringes filled with water. They finally said “Thumper” had cancer. I thought I was losing my buddy. He’s only 10 years old.

My chiropractor had suggested seeing a holistic vet for “Thumper”. She and her husband are using herbals in their chiropractic business. In Dec 2015, we took him to see Dr Moorehead, a holistic vet in Stone Mountain. They asked us to bring samples of anything “Thumper” might be coming in contact with to check for allergies. We brought everything in short of the kitchen sink.

Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead tested everything we brought in the basket (including grass and dirt samples). It turned out that “Thumper” was allergic to pretty much three quarters of the stuff which included his Blue Basic dog food, tap water, Downey Fabric softener, all of his treats and the pollen.

I changed his diet and stopped using the stuff he was allergic to. He started us on an herbal/nutritional program and we returned every 2 weeks to check his progress and titrate the supplements.
By this past Mar 2016, “Thumper” was back to jumping waist-high on me and chasing squirrels, initiating play with the other bigger boys. He still has a ways to go but he has made dramatic improvements in that short time frame. We found that the water here is high in chlorine and was literally killing his kidneys. This was leading to congestive heart failure. We took him off tap water and started buying him Publix Spring water. We also changed his diet to chicken, brown rice and broccoli. And with taking his nutritional supplements he is like a puppy!

“Thumper” is now playing with the BIGGO boys again. I would totally recommend taking your pet to see him.


On Idiopathic Epilepsy

My beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Kitty (yes, a dog named Kitty!), joined my family when she was a year and a half old. About six months later, she had her first seizure. By the time we got her to the vet, she had had several more seizures and her body temperature was so high that she had to be covered in ice packs & hydrated via IV fluids. She survived, but we walked away with a diagnosis of “idiopathic epilepsy”. She began taking Phenobarbital, a powerful drug that is also used in prison executions. I was told that once she started taking it, she could never stop. The Phenobarbital masked the seizures for a while, but eventually they came back. Our vet at the time remarked that the journey with an epileptic pet is hard and expensive, and “offered” euthanasia as an alternative. I declined, and decided to continue down the standard pharmaceutical treatment route. Over the course of the next two years, Potassium Bromide and Gabapentin (generic Neurontin) were added to Kitty’s regimen, all eventually landing at the maximum doses that her little body can handle. With each added medication, each increased dosage, the seizures stopped for a while, but were never truly “cured.” Along with this very serious issue came a relatively minor, yet very uncomfortable, problem – a total regression in potty training. While the medications controlled the seizures with a marginal level of efficacy, my active, fun-loving Corgi seemed to be slipping away – constantly drugged and lethargic with intermittent bouts of clustered seizure activity.

Flash forward to early 2016, Kitty was on the maximum doses of three powerful medications, but still experiencing grand mal seizures several times per month… with a new problem cropping up – focal seizures affecting her head and front legs several times per day. Our previous veterinarian was at a loss – we had nowhere left to go in terms of increased medication. For the second time, euthanasia was suggested. This time, I took some time to think about it. It was clear that Kitty’s quality of life was already low, with almost no chance of improving. She was ashamed of the messes she made in the house; knowing better, but not being able to control herself. After a seizure, her big brown eyes told me, “I’m just so tired.” I gave long, hard, painful thought to the idea of letting Kitty go, so that she didn’t have to suffer anymore. I hoped that there would be someone, somewhere, who could help Kitty, and resolved to try something “outside of the box” before making any life-altering decisions. Knowing that the only alternative was something I could barely stomach, I set out to do some research on alternative therapies for idiopathic canine epilepsy.

I have almost no experience with alternative treatment of any kind. I am a natural skeptic of anything that isn’t considered “main stream,” but I promised myself going into this that I would power through the skepticism. Through a fortuitous Google search, I found Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians, and learned of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). I decided to give it a shot, and scheduled our first appointment at the beginning of March 2016. After the first visit, we left with Kitty’s first program of all-natural remedies aimed at treating the imbalances & weaknesses in her body, not just masking the symptoms (seizures) with dangerous pharmaceuticals. The change was almost instantaneous – within two days, the focal seizures had stopped – and so did Kitty’s using the bathroom in the house. As Dr. Moorehead told me to expect, there have been several “layers” to the diagnosis and treatment of underlying health issues, and there have been what seemed like setbacks – but, all temporary, and all quickly addressed by Dr. Moorehead. In essence, just the body’s way of saying “Alright, that’s fixed… time to focus on something else now.” As of this writing, at the end of June 2016, Kitty has been totally seizure-free for one month. One WHOLE month! Something I never thought we would see. In addition, she has gone back to using the doggy door to go outside to relieve herself. Her energy level is great; she runs, jumps and smiles again. The active, fun-loving pet that I believed to be lost forever… is back, better than ever, happy & healthy & always in the mood for a quick run around the yard and some quality time with her dad.

Skeptical as I may have once been, NRT has proven itself to work. On top of an effective therapy, I can’t say enough about the professionalism and dedication shown by Dr. Moorehead and his staff. He always takes the time to explain what he’s doing – what’s being tested, why, what it means, and what to expect moving forward. The clinic staff – the admin team, vet techs, and everyone in between – are always a pleasure to work with. They remember both me & Kitty by name, every time. You can tell that they are genuinely concerned for the animals in their care. They operate efficiently and on schedule, a quality that is so important with a hectic schedule such as my own. The costs associated with this treatment are reasonable, and the results are obvious & abundant.

I could never thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff enough for the love & care they have shown Kitty, which has greatly improved her quality of life – and by extension, my own. Looking back, it’s hard to think that I came so close to having to make a painful decision about Kitty’s future. My one and only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Moorehead sooner. If your pet is healthy, he will help to keep them that way. If your pet is not healthy, he will work to solve the problem, not just mask the symptoms. Either way, Dr. Moorehead & his staff help to keep their patients happy, healthy, and a part of their loving families for as long as possible. I would urge anyone and everyone to make Dr. Moorehead the primary care provider for the pets you so deeply love.

On Mast cell Tumor

Dr. Moorehead saved my dog twice. We started going in August 2015 because my lab was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumor removed but due to cancer cells being on the edges of the wide margins that were taken, it was recommended that she have another surgery and radiation. That’s when we discovered Mainstreet Veterinarians and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). We followed the protocol that Dr. Moorehead recommended and she is doing really well. Well, until she decided to eat part of her bed. It was scary for a bit. We were really scared that we could lose her. Once more Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians staff came to the rescue and she is once again doing well.

On Chronic Itchy Feet and Skin

After jokingly saying to my Naturopath that I wished she could treat my dog, she referred me to Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians stating that he basically does the same work she does, only with animals. I was so excited to hear this!

Our 7 ½-year-old black Labrador, Gracie, has had a history of obsessive paw licking and chewing that seemed to stem from both environmental issues as well as anxiety, and she had a couch-potato personality. Even though she has been on a clean, raw diet since the age of 2 and has seen only holistic practitioners since that age, we just couldn’t seem to shake these problems.

After a series of visits (between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016) with Dr. Moorehead and his team, we are so happy to state that – finally – Gracie is experiencing significant relief and has a renewed, almost puppy-like energy at times! I believe that Nutrition Response Testing was the key difference in this new outcome; it has targeted the root cause and treated the whole body, balancing her systems. She’s even lost a few pounds and has been maintaining a healthy weight for the past 2 months, and running faster and farther than we ever thought we would see. She still has the occasional episode but it is much less intense, less frequent, and is manageable with the program Dr. Moorehead has her on.

We love the whole team there – very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. We couldn’t be happier and are sad to say that we will be moving away from this area. We can only hope to find this level of care in our next city!

On HGE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis)

In November 2015 Dixie, one of our pets, developed HGE and was so very sick.  I’d never heard of HGE and shortly thereafter learned that many dogs do not survive it.   It comes on so quickly I suspect some pass away before even being diagnosed.  If your furry child begins vomiting with diarrhea pay close attention.  If the frequency increases over a 7-10 hour period, get to your Vet immediately.  With HGE, administering IV fluids is critical to the survival of your pet.

This purpose of this communication is to send a HUGE Thank You to Dr. Cameron Moorehead and the entire Staff of MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain clinic.  Dr. Moorehead specializes in both Traditional and Alternative Health Care.  For more than twenty years, and in addition to annual vaccinations and teeth cleaning, I have taken advantage of the Nutrition Response Testing Dr. Moorehead provides.  It is based on the simple fact that the right nutrition allows the body to heal itself and to promote good health.  I believe this is partially why Dixie was able to beat HGE.

Four days into our HGE experience (Thanksgiving weekend) Dixie was admitted to The Ark Animal Hospital in Atlanta for 24/7 monitoring and IV support over the long weekend.  I am extremely grateful for the excellent care she received there.  The entire team was extremely professional.  While our homeopathic approach did differ from their typical treatment methods they were extremely supportive and provided the care as prescribed by Dr. Moorehead.   As we left the hospital, I sensed their suspicions Dixie may not survive.   I feared this too, but have seen the benefits of Nutrition Response Testing.  It’s so simple.  Determine what is needed, provide it, and exercise a little patience.  It works.  So we headed back to Dr. Moorehead.  I knew it was her best shot.

For the last two months, Dixie has received natural homeopathic supplements and a diet based on her testing results.   It requires patience and commitment because you are not masking a symptom with a drug.  You are testing for what is needed and providing what the body needs to heal.   I hope more Veterinarians consider this method of care so that more furry children can be their healthiest.

We are a long way from the dog that was unresponsive back in November.  I’m so very thankful to God for answering my prayers and to all those who support her as she continues making her trip back to good health.  Looking forward to her 15th birthday in 2016!


On skin, teeth and other immune challenges

My dog, Finn, has not been the healthiest of dogs. At a very young age, his vet bills started to accumulate. When he was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He was unable to walk at all during his second year of life. On two different occasions, he broke large molars while chewing on Nyla bones that required surgery each time. He has had kidney infections and skin issues. Trips to the vet were a very common occurrence in our home. In spite of all of his ailments (and vet bills), he is my heart and I would do (and continue to do) anything to make his life the most enjoyable.

Most recently, he developed a major skin infection. I walked into my house one day, and was almost knocked over by the odor that Finn was emitting. He was also very itchy and uncomfortable and had developed sores all over his body. I took him to his regular vet to remedy this situation. I told my vet that I had done some research and concluded that Finn had a terrible yeast infection over his entire body. I told her that I had bought some probiotics and other natural supplements that had been recommended through various holistic websites. She laughed at me. She said it was more than likely a yeast infection, but wouldn’t know for sure without proper testing. She also told me that I just threw my money down the drain because there was nothing that could be done to heal his skin, only medications that could ease some of his symptoms. Although I was not happy with this response, I felt helpless, and left that day with a medicated shampoo and wipes to apply to affected areas. Then I promptly went to the internet to find a holistic vet.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Moorehead. First off, he took one whiff of Finn and offered, that yes, he definitely had a yeast infection. And then he went to search out the culprit(s), not give me a medication to cover up the smell. He determined that Finn was allergic to all sorts of things, including his food, and was having a reaction to the chlorine in the tap water I had been giving him. This was the beginning of Finn’s healing process. I signed up for the whole Nutrition Response Testing regimen and we went to work, uncovering all of Finn’s ailments. The supplements that were suggested for Finn healed his skin and then started to unveil some underlying issues in different organs. The NRT has also helped Finn’s teeth and hips. I never imagined it would do that.

A few months after starting the program, Finn is a much healthier and happier dog. I would recommend that everyone take their animals to see Dr. Moorehead. Your pet will thank you!

On skin allergies

My blue (gray) Pit Bull, Minnie, began seeing Dr. Moorehead over a year ago. Minnie was only a few months out of the shelter and began developing pretty severe “hot spots” on her neck. Not long after, she started to get strange bumps all over her body. The bumps were sometimes hard and pink; others were filled with white fluid. Sometimes they would break open and bleed, and other times they’d just disappear after a few weeks. She would also go through periods of extreme shedding (she has a very short coat), and she was itchy. We tried switching Minnie’s food a few times to see if there was an underlying allergy but saw no changes. There didn’t seem to be any environmental triggers we could identify either, and it seemed overall she was just getting worse. I found Dr. Moorehead through a fellow rescuer’s referral, as I wanted to take a holistic approach to Minnie’s health — I didn’t want her to begin the more traditional regimen of steroids and antihistamines to control her skin.

Dr. Moorehead performed the Nutrition Response Test on Minnie at her first appointment and identified some of her internal organs as being the cause of her skin issues. She began taking several nutritional supplements and continued to see Dr. Moorehead weekly or bi-weekly for the first several months. The transformation was almost immediate, and it was incredible to see. Her hot spots went away, her strange bumps have disappeared, and her coat is shiny, healthy and itch-free. She has remained on the same food and hasn’t had to take Benadryl or a steroid since we started the program.

Minnie continues to see Dr. Moorehead on a maintenance basis for her skin (her supplements change from time to time depending on what her body needs), and he is also now her primary vet for annual vaccines and wellness exams. We drive a good distance to see Dr. Moorehead, but it’s absolutely worth the time and the investment. Minnie’s coat is beautiful, smooth and shiny (and she’s not shedding!). Plus she loves being Dr. Moorehead’s “buddy” and is thrilled to see the friendly staff whenever we have an appointment.

I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Moorehead and the Main Street Veterinarian team to anyone with a dog (especially a Pittie!) or cat struggling with allergies or skin irritation.


On Spondylosis

I have a 6 year old Doberman that one moment totally fine and the next paralyzed and screaming in excruciating pain (and I mean screaming, I will never forget that sound). I was so mortified and distraught I immediately brought him to the vet for a diagnosis/help.

After many hundreds of dollars worth of tests and a total lack of listening to my thoughts about what might be wrong I was told he had severe Spondylosis and to give him massive doses of Tramadol (pain pills) and to basically shut him in the bathroom so he could not move around. I was informed that this is a situation that occurs primarily in older dogs and there is not much that “they” do as far as treatment for a dog this young.

This answer was just not good enough for me. I started networking and researching how to treat this disease and came up short. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Moorehead. Upon our first visit we just knew we were in the right place. We were greeted by a professional caring staff, and Dr Moorehead followed suit. Dr Moorehead assured me Apollo would have quality of life and sure enough in just a week or so he was up and moving around.

With only a little stiffness upon rising, He is now 10 months into his program and Apollo is like a puppy again. Running, jumping, walking up and down stairs (he would never go up and down stairs, never). He is frisky and playful… This is a miracle situation!

I cannot thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff enough for giving Apollo his life back.


On skin allergies and digestion

My now 14 month old Goldendoodle, Copper, had frequent unexplained digestive issues as a puppy. At times his stools would be loose with occasional diarrhea. I switched him to grain free kibble but his bowel issues continued. Then following his heart worm medication at 8 months, he suffered from watery stools for a week. To add to that, he developed a flea problem following being boarded during our vacation and ended up with inflamed skin. He would scratch and bite his skin all day, making himself and the rest of us miserable. I wanted much more than symptom management so I found MainStreet Vets in Stone Mountain.

Dr. Moorehead introduced me to Nutrition Response Testing. I was excited because I could heal Copper naturally. I have a son with extreme chemical sensitivities so it was very important that Copper’s treatment regimen fit within my restrictions. What I learned during this process was invaluable to Copper’s health. Not only did he have digestive issues, but his liver, kidneys, thyroid, and at one point heart needed support. Then following an eruption of hives over his entire body after ingesting a dog treat, we discovered that Copper is extremely grain sensitive. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead could tell me the cause for this allergic response and then address it with supplements and diet. He has helped me with all of his intake, food, treats, and water, to make sure his body is getting what it needs and is at it’s healthiest.

Throughout his treatment, Dr. Moorehead and staff always explained to me what they were testing for, the findings, and made recommendations outside of the necessary supplements. They explained to me the importance of being consistent with his supplements and care and genuinely cared about his health. In between appointments, the office staff would call me to check on Copper and see if I had questions.

Copper now has a beautiful soft coat, no itching, normal stools, and tolerates his heart worm medication! I feel blessed to have found Dr. Moorehead and continue to be grateful for the care he provides. Next month when it is time for Copper’s vaccinations, I know he will be in good hands.


On Chronic Vomiting, Diarrhea and Weight Loss

My 7-yr old Yorkie “Boss” is the love of my life. He’s my mother’s only “grandchild” and he is an integral part of our family. Oddly enough, he’s been pretty healthy most of his life so I was really surprised when he became sick in February. He was vomiting off and on all week and I did the usual (held his food, changed to baby food for a few days, etc). This time, it was apparent he was really sick, so we took him to his regular vet who did a full workup on him, including X-rays, stool and blood tests. She gave him fluids and anti-nausea meds and told me that his dog food was old, because there was nothing else wrong. So I took him home and watched him for a few hours and that evening he started back vomiting all over again, now vomiting the IV fluids he was given! I called the vet’s after-hours line and was instructed to take him to an animal hospital…Boss only got sicker by the hour! Initially the animal hospital repeated the same treatment the vet did earlier that day, but Boss became increasingly sick while they were treating him. Boss was so sick that they convinced me to do a barium swallow test on him, stating that he had to have an obstruction. Hours later, nothing turned up on his exam except that his bowel motility was decreased. However, we still didn’t have a clue as to why he was so sick. The animal hospital suggested exploratory surgery “to find a reason for his sickness.” I declined and checked him out of the hospital against medical advice of the vet on staff. I figured if my poor dog was going to die, it wasn’t going to be as a result of some bogus exploratory surgery. At home, he continued to decline, no longer eating. I began to feeding him liquid through a syringe in order to keep him hydrated.

Up one night on the internet as I was searching for another vet to possibly get a third opinion, I came across MainStreet Veterinarians. I read the reviews from other patients and felt that finally God was answering my prayers. I have to admit, I was delirious from lack of sleep, stressed, and out of $2000+ dollars with no real answers for Boss’ sickness. The next morning I bought him in to an extremely concerned and friendly staff. I left my sick Yorkie with the staff, who immediately starting evaluating him. I finally felt relieved.

When I spoke to Dr. Moorhead a few hours later, he reassured me that Boss was simply full of toxins, but once he started a “detox” program, he would start to feel better. Honestly, I was shocked! No need for any more expensive studies, no blood tests, nor did he suggest any ridiculous procedures. Boss started the “detox” program and within a few days resembled a new dog! Now months later, he’s back to his normal self, running around full of charm and pizzazz, that nightmare far behind us. Dr. Moorhead and his staff are truly a Godsend, and our family will forever be grateful!

Kind regards,

Suspected Thyroid Cancer

We came to Dr Moorehead in the spring of 2013 with our dog Riley. We had taken him to a traditional vet to diagnose and treat a growth on his neck, which was increasing in size and affecting his bark.  That vet diagnosed “probable” thyroid cancer, and we were told it was very risky surgery to remove it. We came away with a steroid to slow the growth, and a sad prognosis of 3-6 months more with Riley. He grew increasingly lethargic, gained weight, and wanted to remain indoors most of the time (quite unlike him).

Now prior to this, my wife and I had begun an NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) regimen through our chiropractor, with tremendous results for our overall health. The chiropractor mentioned to us about a vet in Stone Mountain who practiced NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) on pets.  So off we went to Dr Moorehead.

It has been more than a year now, and Riley is very healthy (for an 11 year-old dog)! No surgery was done, but simply natural supplements and a diuretic to address various cardiovascular issues have given Riley a new lease on life. He has lost 20 lbs. The growth on his neck has shrunk, and he has much more energy. Thanks first to God (always), and also to Dr Moorehead and his staff for their wonderful and effective care for our dog.

– CE

On congestive heart failure

Dr Moorehead and the staff of Main Street Vets have our eternal gratitude, for the extraordinary care they have given to our dog Jacques for the past seven years. When we brought him in for his first visit in 2007, we did not expect him to live more than a few months. He had been diagnosed with Mega esophagus and we were told there was nothing we could do to improve his condition. We were advised to serve him his food and water at chest level to prevent choking and aspiration. He was only ten years old at that time and we were told that he was born with the condition.

One day, Jacques wandered away from home and found himself on the door step of a neighbor. This neighbor was a veterinary assistant at Main Street Vets, so she brought him into the office with her while she waited for us to retrieve him. Dr. Moorehead gave us hope that he could be treated and have a long and healthy life. He told us that Jacques was simply allergic to his dog food! After making some dietary adjustments and adding some supplements to his diet, Jacques fully recovered! We are happy to say that thanks to Nutrition Response testing he is still alive and a very happy 17 year old senior dog. Dr Moorehead is presently treating him for an enlarged heart and Jacques is living proof that the regimen is working!

Dr Moorehead also suggested that we prepare Jacques’ meals instead of relying on commercial dog food. We have noticed remarkable improvement in his stamina and energy levels since we started cooking his meals which consist of whole grains, vegetables and protein (without salt or seasonings added). We highly recommend Dr Moorehead and his excellent staff. They literally saved our dogs life on multiple occasions.


On Cushing’s Disease

My toy poodle, Baron has suffered with Cushings disease for the past four years. We have seen numerous vets, including specialists at the University of TN. After exhausting all possible solutions, I found Dr. Moorehead and Main Street. Baron has been a patient since April 2013. The results during this short 6-7 month period have been absolutely remarkable. Baron’s health has improved 100 percent.

I give Dr. Moorehead and Main Street the highest of recommendations. Excellent care, wonderful staff and a true spirit of caring make this vet practice a credit to veterinarian medicine.

Thank you so much!

Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Moorehead is truly a gifted veterinarian. He is extremely knowledgeable about holistic as well as allopathic solutions for animals. I am so very appreciative and thankful for his expert care regarding my three felines and one canine.

My testimony is about Brandy, my canine whom I rescued two years ago. I adopted Brandy, a 6 year old part Chow and part Lab rescue dog who was about to be euthanized. With her previous owner, Brandy had never had her shots nor had she been spayed. I later found out from another vet that she had heart worms; this vet, also, stated that her case was severe. I immediately brought Brandy to Dr. Moorehead who stated her case was not severe but moderate after running tests. After conferring with him, I decided to have the advanced, intensive treatment to kill the heartworms quickly. Dr. Moorehead explained all the options and made his recommendation, which was the one I chose. This treatment was administered over a three day period and required hospitalization. Throughout the treatment, Dr. Moorehead and his staff were very attentive to Brandy and answered all of my questions very professionally and patiently. Due to Dr. Moorehead’s expertise, her recovery was quick and remarkable

After which, I decided to have Dr. Moorehead test Brandy using the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING Program. Since I am a holistic health practitioner who uses Kinesiology in my own practice, I know the wonderful and amazing benefits. The NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING was very comprehensive and extremely effective. Based on the results, Brandy received a holistic program of supplements and homeopathic tinctures to strengthen her immune and bodily systems. Additionally, Dr. Moorehead recommended that I change her diet since she was eating foods that were causing allergic reactions. I had no idea! I had bought the foods from health food stores because I thought that they were more nutritionally balanced. The NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING proved me wrong. After putting her on a dietary regimen of supplements and the prescribed foods, Brandy became more vibrant and more enthusiastic than she ever was before

With each subsequent visit since two years ago, Dr. Moorehead has commented even though Brandy is now eight years old her immune system is stronger than ever due to the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and his prescribed nutritional program. So, Dr. Moorehead’s nutritional program and my adherence to the program saved Brandy’s life recently.

About three weeks ago, I heard Brandy barking incessantly outside as I was working in my basement in the early afternoon around 1:00 pm. Since she did not stop barking, I knew that something was amiss. I went upstairs to my garage where I saw Brandy jumping up and down and darting in and out. She was focused on something. When I looked to the left of the garage entrance, I saw a large Copperhead snake coiled ready to strike. I frantically screamed for assistance; however, no one responded. So, I had to divert the snake’s attention from Brandy as I made attempts to get her to come to me. I finally was able to have her heed my command. Once I had her, I was able to unleash her and run to my neighbor’s home to alert her son about the snake. En route to her home, I noticed that Brandy was bleeding underneath her right eye. To my dismay, the snake had bitten her.

My neighbor’s son came over to my home where the snake still remained coiled; he killed it and removed it from my property. We later found out that my suspicion was correct; it was a Copperhead, and it was over two feet long. Due to the bite, Brandy’s neck began to swell and to double in size due to the venom. Since this happened on a Wednesday, I knew that I could not take her to Dr. Moorehead’s office since the clinic is closed on Wednesday. As a result, I took her to the emergency hospital for care. They were able to stabilize her until the next morning due to her strong immune system. I immediately brought her to Dr. Moorehead the following morning to provide care. Even though the snake bite was poisonous, the emergency hospital was able to stabilize Brandy due to her healthy immune system. During her visit with Dr. Moorehead, he informed me that had I not acted promptly and had Brandy not been as healthy as she is, Brandy would have died. Those words resounded in my ears and in my heart. The thought of the possibility of losing my beloved Brandy tore at my heart. I also became aware of the fact that Brandy saved my life. Had she not been in the garage, the Copperhead would have bitten me because I would not have seen it. So, two lives were spared on Wednesday, April 17, 2013: Brandy’s life and my life due to Dr. Moorehead’s NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING maintenance program for Brandy. On Thursday, the following day when the office opened, Dr. Moorehead immediately put Brandy on a holistic program to neutralize and eliminate the venom in her body, which it did! As a result of his expertise, Brandy, three weeks later, is now alive, vibrant, and healthy, and I am able to write this testimonial. Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Moorehead and his staff.


NRT program

In the summer of 2012, my 13 year old West Highland Terrier became ill and completely quit eating. Many visits to our traditional vet and thousands of dollars later, he was no better. He had been given an ultrasound, endoscope, every blood test imaginable and the diagnosis was Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The treatment was mass doses of medication and the result was that he still would not eat. He was taken to the hospital every day for fluids and force feedings and then a feed tube. Fortunately, he began to eat and the feed tube was not used except to give his medication. He lost about 7% of his body weight, was totally lethargic and seemed to have no interest in anything. Several more hundred dollars were spent with a nutritionist who suggested various foods that he would not eat.

A friend of mine suggested that I see Dr. Cameron Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain and have him do Nutrition Response Testing on Bentley. I immediately made an appointment and even though I do not understand the NRT program totally, the results have been amazing.

Dr. Moorehead took Bentley off all medicine and has given him a series of nutritional supplements and almost immediately he began to eat. Over the months, he has gained back all the weight he lost, continues to eat with no gastrointestinal issues, has his energy back and even plays.

Fast forward to May, 2013 and my 16 year old West Highland Terrier, Drew, became ill. Initially, he only had loose stool, still had energy and continued to eat very well. A trip to the traditional vet resulted in four different medications along with complete blood study and urinalysis with minimal findings. Four days later, he began vomiting and would not eat at all. Another trip to the traditional vet and more blood work, he was diagnosed with complete renal failure and a urinary tract infection. He spent four days in the hospital being hydrated and medicated, but would not eat. His kidney values improved significantly and we brought him home on a Wednesday night and after two days of trying to get him to eat, we took him to see Dr. Moorehead.

Dr. Moorehead took him off all medication, performed the Nutrition Response Testing examination. He prescribed a series of nutritional supplements and within 24 hours he began eating. He gained back ½ pound of the 5 pounds he lost during the illness. Drew has regained his energy (as much as a 16 year old can) and continues to eat twice a day.

Needless to say, I think Dr. Moorehead is a miracle worker. He and his staff are very caring and seem genuinely interested in my pets’ well-being and health. Dr. Moorehead is also a traditional vet so proper medication can be administered if needed. I am so glad I found MainStreet Veterinarians as they have given my old guys a little more time and a much better quality of life.

I have one more West Highland Terrier that has not met Dr. Moorehead yet, but as soon as we get Drew stabilized, Sophie will be his next patient.

Thank you Dr. Moorehead!!!!!


On canine uterine infecton

I just wanted to share with you the benefits of brining your pet to Dr Moorehead. I am an alternative health care doctor and utilize a lot of nutrition. So I take care of my dogs. Several times my dogs have had life threatening problems which I did not know how to handle. I live in Woodstock so it is quite a haul to get to Stone Mountain but now unquestionably realize it is well worth the trip. I had taken them to other alternative doctors but they were way off the mark to take care of my dogs.

My first experience was Molly had a bladder problem which the “other Vet” was trying to convince me she had cancer and she needed to be put to sleep. Dr. Moorehead diagnosed it and within a week she was FINE. This time, Molly, my Irish Setter, was very sick and I took her to a vet who gave her antibiotics. She was not getting better. So much so that she stopped eating and her stomach was distended.

My wife decided to see Dr Moorehead. Within a few minutes he decided she needed emergency surgery. He performed it and she went home soon after. Her first night home was difficult but on the second day she by far was herself. She wanted to go in the car for a ride, which is one of her favorite activities. She is snuggled under my feet right now.

By far I do not know another vet who has comparable skill and caring. He is my friend.

Dr. Marc

On feline heartworm disease and aortic tromboembolism

One morning I woke up to find that Little Mama, the sweet stray cat I’d recently taken in, wasn’t dashing towards the food bowl with my other cat the second I emerged from the bathroom. Mystified, I saw her lying on the kitchen floor, looking wan and disinterested. I called out to her, but, when she eventually tried to move, her back legs wouldn’t support her and she’d just plop down again onto the tile. I was concerned, thinking she may have injured her legs jumping or running away from my other cat. I tried calling a number of vet offices, most of which I learned were closed on Saturdays. A Pet Smart Banfield vet, however, was able to squeeze her in for an appointment. I then did what a lot of folks do but probably shouldn’t: trolled the web for information in the hopes that I would find that the issue was common and/or treatable. Instead, I very quickly found out that in cats, a condition known as aortic thromboembolism can sometimes be attributed to sudden loss of use in the hind legs and will usually end in extreme pain and almost immediate death. Horrified, I began counting the minutes until we could leave. I gingerly placed her in a carrier and drove to PetSmart. Six hours – and hundreds of dollars – later, we drove home with more bad news. The Banfield vet and her staff had been thoroughly perplexed; the blood work and X-rays had shed no light on the misuse of her legs. They had, however, learned she was positive for heartworm, a death sentence for cats if one were to believe the internet. They advised me that if she continued to avoid food and water it would be best to put her down. The doctor also advised that if I wanted to find out more, I would need to enlist a specialist, which would entail X-rays and other procedures that may or may not reflect anything at all and would probably cost a thousand dollars or more. I knew I couldn’t afford it. By the time I got home that night, I was already convinced that I would have to put down my Little Mama, who’d had such a hard life already. I gave her the anti-inflammatory medicine they’d grudgingly decided MIGHT help her until her legs healed, and spoiled her as much as possible, acknowledging the futility of the situation and trying to say goodbye.

Two days later – and with no improvement in Little Mama’s legs or demeanor – I arrived to work and told my co- worker, Peggy, about what had happened. Peggy, a devout client of Dr. Moorehead’s, persuaded me that I should take her to see him. They fit me in for later that afternoon, and poor Little Mama had to be shut up in the carrier once again. I arrived at the doctor’s, and the vet tech explained the NRT procedure. Dr. Moorehead came in, reiterated the procedure, and eyeballed Mama while she crawled around the floor. He asked some questions, expressing a kind disapproval at my hopelessness, then he and the vet tech began.

I had to admit I was skeptical; the procedure looked a bit hokey: no needles, no samples, no prodding, just a man holding small mystery bottles, one by one, against his patient. The tech stood by silently as a type of conductor, barely touching Mama while simultaneously holding an arm out so that the doctor might sense Mama’s reaction to whatever substance he placed next to her body. I had the same feeling one might get while watching someone pan for gold or perform a séance: hesitant of the method, hopeful of the outcome, all with the conscious acknowledgment that failure would at least do no more harm. After he determined that her kidneys needed some help, he prescribed some supplements for her. In a few days, Mama was walking fine. I’m still not exactly sure what this kind, intelligent man actually did to my cat, but what he did for her worked. I’ll never forget that he had expressed hope for her life while I was so focused on her death. One year later, Mama is doing fine; she hops, runs, and plays, heartworm and death sentence aside. I’m still taking my little one there for visits, and have learned my lesson about “lost causes.”


On feline lethargy and anorexia

“Nemo”, our lovable Siamese cat began to isolate himself, lose interest in food and was getting quite thin. We took him to the local veterinarian who said his teeth just needed cleaning. This was done, but after a few weeks there was no change. He was getting thinner and more dehydrated.We took “Nemo” back to the veterinarian, subq fluids were given and more tests were done. When the test results came back, he said he did not know what the problem was, but suggested that it could possibly be Cushing’s or Addison’s. He referred us to a specialist for which would taken at least a week or two for an appointment and then many expensive tests.

So, I started searching online for an answer and came across MainStreet Veterinarians. I called and spoke with a very nice and helpful tech named Nicole. I was a little skeptical, but because of her caring attitude and patience in explaining things on the phone, I decided to give it a try. Dr Moorehead did the Nutrition Response Testing and found that “Nemo” was sensitive to chlorine in tap water!

He recommended some “ detox” drops for his kidneys and after just a few days his appetite has returned and he is acting like himself again!!

I am so happy to have found this clinic ……Dr Moorehead is the best kind of “specialist”.


On back legs paralysis

At Thanksgiving, 2010, our 12 year-old Golden Retriever, Lacey, suddenly had difficulty walking. Her hind legs buckled under her & they seemed to go spastic. She also started “knuckling” with her rear paws. We took her the next day to the veterinarian who had been seeing her since she was a puppy. He told us that Lacey was suffering from ataxia of the hind legs & proprioceptive deficits. He basically told us that he could give her pain meds & steroids, but we would sooner than later have to put her to sleep. This was devastating to our whole family! Lacey had always been our daughter Stephanie’s dog since we got her when Stephanie was 10 years old. Stephanie & I bawled for days.

By the grace of God, we were referred to Dr. Moorehead by a friend. Dr. “M” examined Lacey & told us he could help her. He recommended the NRT program. Within 2-3 months we saw definite improvement. Now 16 months later, Lacey, 13, not only walks, but also scampers around outside, running & playing & trying to eat sticks as she did when she was a puppy. The NRT program has been a lifesaver.

Thank you, Dr. Moorehead, for helping to extend Lacey’s life & for giving us so much more quality time with her!

MK & our entire family

On feline chronic ear dermatitis

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

Taffy, our sweet tabby cat, had large open sores near both ears. We couldn’t identify the cause and they wouldn’t go away for several months. After just 3 weeks on Dr. Moorehead’s Nutrition Response Testing program the sores were much improved and after just 5 weeks they were gone and she had “graduated” from the program! It has been about 6 weeks and no sign of the sores. She is healthy and beautiful!


On “Phantom” Pain Issues

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

“Suki”, my 11-month old Japanese Chin, and I would like to thank Dr. Moorhead and everyone at MainStreet Vets. You changed our lives!!

About 1½ months ago, “Suki” started crying out and whining at random. The shrilling, painful cry when you step on a puppy’s tail. No one was touching her and nothing was punching, poking or irritating her. Along with this came a solemn mood. She seemed very serious all the time, not interested in jumping or running or even playing tug-o-war with her chew toys. I was stumped as to what might be wrong with her. Assuming it was something internal or bone/joint related, I took her to a veterinarian. He felt around her abdomen, down to her spine and ran some blood work on her. He kept her for a day under observation, where he came up with nothing. Her blood work came back normal and he told me it was “probably her crying out for attention.”

Unsatisfied with this response, I began my search for a holistic doctor for “Suki”. A couple of days went by and it seemed like the cries were getting worse and more frequent. This is when I came across Dr. Moorehead’s practice. I saw lots of positive feedback on his website about what he had done and it seemed the office in its entirety seemed more into the health and well-being of the pet as a member of the family versus just a client from which they get paid. I called and made an appointment immediately.

Upon the first visit, Dr. Moorehead introduced Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) and after her initial testing, I felt immediately more positive about her “issues.” He discovered she had problems with her kidneys, liver and joints in her knees and set=up her nutritional program. After the first week on the program, I saw a change in her. She was her playful self again, bouncing around, jumping and running. My puppy was back! And she has been doing steadily well since then.

I am genuinely lucky to have found MainStreet Veterinarians for “Suki”. I really don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise. Thank you so much Dr. Moorehead and all of the friendly face that have stolen “Suki”‘s heart over the last few weeks. We appreciate you so much more than you know!

You Humble Patients,
N & “Suki”

On Sudden Lameness

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

We would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for the wonderful and truly miraculous treatment they have been providing to our Chihuahua, Kiddie.

A little over a month ago, in the course of one evening, we watched Kiddie go from running to greet us when we returned home at 6:00 p.m. to completely losing the ability to walk or stand on his front legs by midnight.

Once we realized Kiddie was losing the ability to stand or walk, we rushed him to an emergency vet clinic where they diagnosed a compressed disc in his spine and suggested we immediately take him to an emergency neurologist. They advised us the cost for neurologist’s treatment (exam, x-rays, MRI’s, and surgery) would begin at $500 and exceed $5,000 for surgery. With only $100 in our pockets, we got in our car and began our journey to the neurologist’s clinic. While on our journey (in between tears and trying to figure out how we were going to find the money to help our baby), we started wondering why the clinic so quickly suggested surgery and did not offer any conservative forms of treatment, and then a little voice inside our heads reminded us of Dr. Moorehead, who treated Kiddie in the past when he was a puppy. We decided that since Kiddies’ condition was not “life threatening”, we would wait until the morning and take him to Dr. Moorehead. That “little voice” was a Godsend.

Dr. Moorehead and his staff have always treated our other Chihuahua, Peedee, but Kiddie has always been too aggressive for the hands on treatment that comes along with the NRT process. However, the following morning Dr. Moorehead and his staff were able to work patiently with Kiddie and calm him down. (Believe it or not, Kiddie still had all his “fight” about him even though he couldn’t walk!!) Using the NRT process, Dr. Moorehead was able to identify the cause of kiddies’ paralysis. His diagnosis did not include MRI’s or surgeries of any kind, but rather treatment with nutritional supplements and plenty of bed rest. Dr. Moorehead informed us that Kiddies’ progress would be slow and that he may not walk for several weeks.

Well, we are taking the time to write this to let you know that Kiddie was walking on his own again in less than two weeks!!! His walk is a little unsteady and wobbly at times, but thanks to the kind treatment by Dr. Moorehead and his staff, along with the supplements and his medical advice, we have our baby back- and without aggressive and costly medical treatments that would have caused Kiddie much more stress and pain.

We are forever grateful for the care and skill provided by Dr. Moorehead and his staff and are thankful for that “little voice” that sent us to MainStreet Veterinarians.

G, C, & Kiddie

PS. Peedee says thank you for helping her brother, too 🙂

On Mast Cell Tumors

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

We just wanted to thank you for giving us these last two years with “Boots”, our 9 ½ years beloved Sharpei.

We came to you two years ago, after “Boots” had surgery for malignant mass cell tumors. We went the conventional way for his surgery, but the tumors started to return.

We did not want him to go through that experience again. Bringing our best friend to you was the best thing to happen to us and our “Boots”.

The treatment with Nutrition Response Testing has given him back his quality of life, energy, and precious time with all of us, who love him.

“Boots” is energetic and vibrant. We would/do recommend your healing procedure Nutrition Response testing to anyone who asks.

Thank you again to you and your incredible staff.


On skin, gastrointestinal issues and heartworm treatment

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

We would like to thank Dr. Morehead for the caring and attention he gives to our pet dog, Stuart, a 7 year old Great Dane/Great Pyrenees mix.

We rescued Stuart about 5 years ago.  Within the first year we learned he had heartworms.  Dr. Moorehead treated his condition with Nutrition Response Testing and Stuart totally recovered.

Since that time, Stuart has suffered from two severe conditions that Dr. Morehead successfully diagnosed and treated with Nutrition Response testing.

Without the help of Dr. Moorehead and his professional staff Stuart may not still be with us.  Instead, he is a happy, healthy 170 pound “baby”.

Thanks again to Dr. Morehead for the excellent care he has given to Stuart.


On feline teeth and gum disease

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you for saving my sweet old cat, Buttercup.  As you know, he had stomatitis and had to have all of his teeth extracted as he was in such pain and wouldn’t eat.  The extractions were done by an animal dentist (there are only 2 in all of Atlanta) and this seemed to help him at first.  But after a few months, he was in pain again and wouldn’t eat.  I went back to the first dentist and got a second opinion from the other dentist,  and they both said that Buttercup would have to have further laser treatment of his gums.  This would require general anesthesia once a month for 3-4 months at a cost of $1600 for one dentist and $4000 if we went to the other dentist.  It would have been very painful and is dangerous for such an old cat to be put under anesthesia.

I came to you in desperation but was not sure at all that something called “Nutritional Response Testing” could help.  I know that it is very different from most treatment and seemed like hocus pocus at first. But you and your treatment saved my Buttercup’s life—it truly is  a miracle.  I would recommend (and I have) anyone to you without any hesitation.   I am a believer in you and your treatment.   He started getting better soon after you started treating him and continues to do very well now about 8 months after starting with you.  You are a miracle worker, and I will always be grateful to you for saving the life of my sweet old boy.   Thank you doesn’t even begin to say just how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for Buttercup.  Also your staff was always very friendly, helpful, professional and supportive.  They always followed up on Buttercup’s status—I’ve never had that experience with any medical doctor or veterinarian—very impressive!!  A million thanks to you and your staff!!


On Removing Tumors

Dear Dr. Moorehead,
I would like to thank you and your staff at MainStreet Veterinarians with all my heart for saving my life. As you know, when I first came to see you I had some serious health problems and at age 14 my other veterinarians were concerned that I was not strong enough to make it through the surgery I needed.

I could tell how relieved my mother was when she met you because you had such a positive attitude about helping me. You gave her the sense of trust she needed to treat me with NRT. With you help and the NRT program, I quickly became stronger, developed more energy and a renewed glimmer in my eyes. My parents and I were so pleased with this progress that we could not hope for more.

After a month on NRT you told us you though I was strong enough to undergo the surgery I needed to remove tumors. Let me tell you, we were nervous, but again your confident and caring manner gave us the courage we needed to get through the surgery. It was a big success – you removed the tumors, I can now eat with no problem, my legs are strong enough to support myself, and without that gigantic tumor on my hip I can walk well.

My parents would like me to thank you for the tremendous care you and your staff have shown throughout the NRT program and the surgery. We are eternally grateful to you and will recommend you wholeheartedly every opportunity we get.

Sincerely Yours

On hips malfunction, muscle weakness – pet and human

At the age of 3 my dog developed weakness in her hips, and lacked the energy to go on a walk longer then around the block. Over the years we’ve taken her to multiple vets. We’ve had x-rays, chiropractic, acupuncture, every test and treatment under the sun and did not receive a diagnosis or a cure.
I took my dog to MainStreet Veterinarians after reading about Nutrition Response Testing. Through NRT Dr. Moorehead I discovered my dog had a fungus and bacteria that had settled in her hips. Dr. Moorehead gave my dog several nutritional supplements to clear out the fungus/bacteria.
After 8 weeks of treatment, my dog was feeling great and now has tons of energy and is happy again.

Since my dog has done so great with NRT, I decided to start the NRT program for myself. I was having leg and hip pain, and muscle weakness in my legs. Prior to NRT, I spent the last year treating my symptoms with chiropractic, massages, acupuncture and Muscle Activation Therapy, none of which held long term relief and the pain in my hips and legs continued to get worse.
Through Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead discovered I had a fungal and viral infection and my kidneys were weak. (Just to let you know, I am a healthy person. I am fit; I exercise and do not eat fast or processed foods).

After 2 weeks of treatment, I feel great. The pain in my hips and weakness in my legs is gone, and I am beginning to feel like my young self again. I believe in NRT and am so happy I found Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians.
However, if you do not believe that our bodies are energetic and self healing, then NRT is not for you or your pet. Everyone that works at MainStreet Veterinarians is friendly and it is clear they love animals. Me and my dog are finally feeling good again.

Thank you Dr. Moorehead!
Susan D

On ambulatory issues

On 3/13/10 I woke up to the sound of my 11 year old Bichon Frise Mickey whining at the bottom of the stairs. I thought he just wanted to go out but when I went downstairs I realized that his rear legs were weak and his entire rear end was swaying from side to side. He was whining because he couldn’t go up the stairs. I thought he had had a stroke. I was scared to death.

I immediately called Dr. Moorehead’s office and they told me to bring him right in. He hadn’t had a stroke but the entire rear of his body was weak. Initially the doctor treated him conventionally but there was little improvement. The dog who used to always beat me to the top of the stairs and had the energy of a puppy, now had to be carried up the stairs!

Dr. Moorehead told me about Nutrition Response Testing. At first I was very skeptical. I made a deal with the doctor. I was willing to give it a try but I needed to see improvement and I would consider Mickey to be back to his old self when he could once again run up the stairs.

Although Nutrition Response Testing was a long process and we went through many different combinations of supplements, I am happy to say that we have the old Mickey back. It took about 5 months and lots of visits to the office but it was well worth it. Mickey celebrated his 12th birthday on 9/24/10 and he is once again running up and down the stairs and bringing us his favorite toy hot dog so we can throw it for him.

Dr. Moorehead and the wonderful staff at MainStreet Veterinarians gave us our Mickey back!

Be well,

On geriatric care, kidney failure, liver issues

I am a volunteer at a local shelter and have rescued dogs and cats from the shelter for a few years. Of my last three rescue dogs, the first one had been dumped at the shelter at least twice due to old age and numerous health problems.

People nowadays just dump their old animals at the shelters rather than doing the responsible and moral thing and taking care of them until the end of their life. But, that’s another story. I took this old dog (Frances) to my regular vet and was told I might want to consider putting her down because of her poor condition.
Being the health fanatic that I am, I got online and found Dr. Moorehead and decided to give the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING a try with Frances.

It wasn’t long after beginning the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING, that I started to notice improvements in Frances. She was beginning to come alive. After several months of the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING, Dr. Moorehead did blood work on her and it came back almost perfect. She is not the same dog that I rescued from the shelter that day.

I rescued two more dogs after Frances and have had the same great results with them and the Nutrition Response Testing. One of the dogs was seen by another vet who discovered she had liver issues. This vet was insistent that I put that dog through a liver biopsy prior to being spayed. Of course, I had Dr. Moorehead test her with the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and after about five weeks on the supplements, her blood work showed her liver to be perfectly normal.

Dr. Moorehead spayed her and she recovered incredibly fast. He also helped my 16-year-old cat who was in kidney failure according to her prior vet. He was able to detoxify her kidneys and she is doing extremely well.

AND, Dr. Moorehead also treats me with the Nutrition Response Testing! Instead of running to a medical doctor, I now run to the vet, and definitely get better results! I can’t recommend the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and Dr. Moorehead enough!


On digestive ailments and food allergies

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

Thank you for your expertise and wonderful care of my dog, Hector.

For a month Hector was sick with a digestive ailment. He was being treated all this time by another veterinarian without any positive effects. I was advised that the next step would be an expensive blood panel and possibly a colonoscopy with a cost of over $1000.00

Luckily I heard of your services through a neighbor and brought Hector to see Dr. Grant. After only four days Hector’s symptoms improved dramatically but the cause remained a mystery until you performed Nutrition Response Testing on Hector. A food allergy was diagnosed. I had been feeding Hector high quality food that he couldn’t stomach.

With the information obtained through Nutrition Response testing Hector’s diet, attitude, health and happiness are better today than in all his 2 years of life.

My sincerest appreciation,

On cardiovascular issues

Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff,

I am writing this testimonial because of the outstanding work you and your office staff provides. My English Mastiff and my Golden Retriever have been patients of Main Street Veterinarians since March, 2010. Jack, my 13.5 year old Golden was having issues with his eye, (running, keeping it closed, drainage) after weeks of putting drops in it and such I finally took him to see Dr. Moorhead. The results of the nutrition response testing showed that his problem was with in his heart not his eye. We started him on a program for his heart and within a few days his eye was completely fine. We have no more issues with his eye.

Then, after a few months Jack one day was not willing to get up and move, he was throwing up food and all liquids for several days. I took him in again to Main Street again. This time it was his kidneys, we started treating Jack with natural nutrition for his kidneys and within a few days he was not only much better but now he thinks he is a teen-ager. Main Street Vets have given Jack my soon to be 14 year old Golden another opportunity at life. I completely trust their practice. Their staff is friendly, and always on top of their game.

Thank you Main Street Veterinarians,

J.D and SM

On menstrual cramps

Dear Dr. Moorehead;

I have been dealing with menstrual cramps my entire adult life. I have such severe pain that I usually stay in bed the entire day and have the heating pad close by to reduce the pain. I have never found anything that actually cures the pain, just something that relieves it.

One day I was “out for the count” and Dr. Moorehead checked me. After he checked me, using Nutrition Response Testing and I got the nutritions he recommended plus resting for about 45 minutes, I couldn’t believe the relief I felt.

The fact that my pain was gone for the entire day was a miracle in itself. THANK YOU DR. MOOREHEAD FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!


On aging feline kidney disease

I am the proud parent of Tabatha, a 22 year old feline wonder. We are totally indebted to Dr. Moorehead and his staff for their wonderful treatment with Nutrition Response Testing. Your care and the education her parents have received from Dr. Moorehead and Staff are priceless.

While we may not always understand the Nutrition Response Testing treatment, Tab is living proof that age does not have to be a death sentence. Tabatha is incredibly healthy and happy under his careful watch. Like any older felines she does have kidney challenges, but she does not know it nor do we for the most part.

Anyone that thinks that there is nothing that can be done to improve the quality of life for an aging feline should take a moment to visit Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain!


On Cushing’s disease

Over a year and a half ago our dog, Simon, a 70 lb Yellow Lab mix, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. When the vet gave us the prognosis of Simon’s living 6 more months and needing chemotherapy (which was supposed to be painful), we were at a loss. We did not want to put Simon, who was 13 at the time, through that pain, especially when the chemo would only add 2-4 additional months to his life. It was then that we decided to see what holistic options were available to, at the very least, keep him comfortable. On the recommendation of a family member, we brought Simon to MainStreet Vets.

To say we were happy is a tremendous understatement. Dr. Moorehead put Simon on a care plan that not only alleviated much of his discomfort, but also gave him more energy and spunk. Within the first 3 months of treatment, Simon was like a younger version of himself. He was running, playing with Jack (our 3 year old Shih Tzu), and having fun. He lived another year and a half and, until the very end, had a very good quality of life. Unfortunately with Cushing’s being incurable and Simon’s age, the disease reappeared. At 14 and a half, Simon’s time had come and we decided to help him move on. Thank you, thank you, thank you MainStreet vets for making Simon’s last year one of the best ones in his life.


On immune system challenges and allergies

Dear MainStreet Veterinarians Team,

Thank you for all your help with Sasha!  Sasha is a 9 year old black lab. She suffered from immune system problems and allergies for many years. The conventional vets kept using steroid shots that caused bad reactions and never fixed the cause. Sasha spent 4 days in the critical care unit with blood plasma transfusions and very near death after her last episode almost 2 years ago. We had a good experience with another holistic vet but no comparison to the NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) work at MainStreet Veterinarians. We began care with Dr. Moorehead in April 2009 and after Sasha had wasted down to 37 pounds and everyone else ran out of answers.   After 1 month of care Sasha gained 8 pounds and immediately started acting like a puppy again. She is now a wonderful, healthy, 60 pound lab that we can’t keep out of the pool. Dr Moorehead’s knowledge and experience with nutrition response testing saved Sasha’s life, no doubt! Thx so much for your help!

Be well, Dr. M D

On cardiovascular problems: owner and pet…

Dear Dr. Moorehead:

My little dog came into my life after my uncle passed away. He was a rescue that my uncle adopted years earlier. I think he’s at least 12 years old and may be even older. This little dog was not in the best of health (heart problems, cough, ear problems, etc. and just feeling poopie).

He was on a diuretic and several more prescription drugs when I got him. As the time passed and I saw he was getting worse, I found Dr. Moorehead’s website and the rest is history! With the various supplements he is now on, I have seen such a drastic change in his health and well-being! He’s playful, his heart has gotten so much stronger and there’s no more ear problems. He just looks and feels great!

The alternative techniques that Dr. Moorehead uses can tell if any major organ is weak or not functioning properly. Whatever the problem, it is addressed then and there instead of waiting until symptoms appear or it’s too late! I saw what Dr. Moorehead and the supplements did for my dog and thought – wonder what this NRT will do for me? All I had to do was ask!! It’s only been three weeks since I started my supplements.

WHAT A CHANGE ALREADY! I’m almost 61. My heart flutters were worse than they had ever been – almost continuously day and night. I saw an immediate improvement (85 – 90%) after starting the cardio supplements and now, (again, after only 3 weeks) I have NO flutters at all! The best part is, these “pills” have no side effects (like weight gain and the ump-teen other side effects prescription drugs have)! I have several more issues that we are working on, but I can see major improvements in my health almost daily! My energy level is through the roof! There’s a sense of well-being, peace and happiness that wasn’t there before these supplements.

My skin and nails looks better too. I used to have sugar cravings like crazy for soft drinks and chocolate. These cravings are virtually gone! I don’t even think about them when I want a snack. It’s like my body doesn’t’ want this junk in it anymore. It’s not an effort, nor do I feel that it’s a self-denial, if I don’t eat my favorite junk foods. I want to eat healthy snacks instead. I also enjoy a healthy breakfast instead of the sugary cereals that I used to eat. Is this REALLY me??? I can’t wait to get up every morning and take my supplements to see what they are going to do for me that day! Thank you, Dr. Moorehead, for seeing PEOPLE too!!

Regards, P.B.

On longevity and a higher quality of life…

Dear Dr. Moorehead:

Thank you very much for caring for my aging friend, Mocha. I brought her to your office because she couldn’t lift her tail, was in pain and scared of everything since the house was hit by a tornado last March.

You suggested trying an alternative therapy program using nutritional supplements

[NRT] and I took a leap of faith from traditional thinking and began the program. Mocha responded immediately to the therapy and no longer needs the pain meds, wags her tail vigorously all the time and seems genuinely relaxed in the house.

I’m not sure Mocha would be alive today without the alternative therapy; I believe I would have had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her, as traditional medicines were not working. Thank you for your time and effort, I’m very glad Mochas well-being is in your hands.

Regards, B

Dear Dr. Moorehead:

I will be having my 19th birthday party on June 14, 2009 thanks to Dr. Moorehead and the good care I get at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain. I have been coming to see Dr. Moorehead for many years now. I have had some health problems but Dr. Moorehead always knows what is wrong and how to fix it. The Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is good and accurate and it does not hurt, although I’m not sure I like to hold Dr. Moorehead’s hand every time I come to see him.

I have been with my forever mom since 1990 when she rescued Danny and me. Danny was a baby terrier when our forever mom rescued us but he developed Cushing’s disease and became very sick. The good care he got at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain helped him lived until he was over fifteen years old.

Dr. Moorehead treats me now for mainly getting to be a senior citizen. Because of his good care, I still walk every day at a park close to home and meet my friends. I still like to chase the ducks but it is now a slow chase, the ducks waddle, I walk, but I get them back where they belong, in the water.

I was injured when another dog attacked me and my back leg is a problem but Dr. Moorehead makes sure I am not in any pain and I can walk. My heart is enlarged but really strong due to the “cardio-plus” I have been taking. I go everywhere with my forever mom and everyone knows me. Dr. Moorehead says that walking and my good diet (baked chicken, rice and broccoli cooked at home, and some standby cans of Science Diet D/D Lamb work along with his nutritions to make my life as wonderful as it is.

All you have to do is look at me to know I have the best vet there is anywhere in the country. My coat is beautiful and black (with silver in it), I have nearly all my teeth due to the good dental care from Nicole, my favorite tech, and my mom cleans them all the time, Yuck!!!
Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like much, but it comes from a very happy and healthy little dog. Thanks to all the wonderful people at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, Carmen and her front office staff, and Nicole who always loves me, and the techs in the back. Most of all, thank you Dr. Moorehead for everything you do for all the animals in your care.

Dr. Moorehead combines traditional veterinary services with holistic medicine and I think that means that I am going to have a lot more birthday parties. Don’t tell Dr. Moorehead but I get ice cream for my birthday!

Did I forget to mention that because I took nutritions so regularly over a lot of years that I hardly have to take any at all now? So that proves how good they are; so take your nutritions when your forever mom or dad give them to you and you can live to be a beautiful senior just like me.

I do not see well or hear everything but I always know when Dr. Moorehead comes into the exam room; he always calls me his buddy and that is what he has always been to me.

Thanks good buddy!

On Cushing’s Disease…

MainStreet Veterinarians [Dr. Moorehead] saves another life…

Amelia is a 12-year old Shih Tzu who thinks she is a big dog and still a teenager. A year ago she had an elevated liver enzyme level (alkaline phosphates) that her (previous) vet said was something we’d have to keep an eye on. Six months later, it had risen to over 4,000, where 200 or under is normal. Her cortisol level was also elevated about 10 times the normal level. She looked sad, unhappy, and uncomfortable. I was told that it was probably Cushing’s disease and that her liver was “frying itself,” but that the usual treatment would be too hard on her liver and kidneys, especially given her age, and therefore not advisable. The guidance was to love her and make her as comfortable as possible, as long as possible. I asked how long that was likely to be and was told 2-3 months. That was 6 months ago.

How did we get the added time? I took her to Dr. Moorehead at Main Street Veterinarians. He tested her [Nutrition Response Testing] and started her on several nutritional supplements to help her liver and adrenals to function better, and a less toxic medication for her Cushing’s disease. After only a month, her liver enzyme had dropped to 2,500 (from 4,000), then 1,700 and most recently to only a little over 1,000. Her cortisol level is perfectly normal. She bounces around and generally looks like she is smiling. Visitors immediately comment on the astounding difference in her look and her behavior. It is now six months after her original diagnosis and poor prognosis. Even if she doesn’t live a long time, the extended time she has enjoyed has been one of being comfortable and happy. This is a great example of blending traditional medicine with alternative medicine for the best possible outcome.

Thank You Dr. Moorehead, S.O.

On rear leg pain…

Peanut is an 8 year old Beagle. She was keeping her left rear leg drawn up and she was in a lot of pain. Her tail was tucked tightly between her legs. I took her to my regular vet who put Peanut on pain meds and referred her to a “specialist”.

The specialist advised me that Peanut probably had cancer of the sciatic nerve in that leg. The two courses of treatment were: 1) keep her on pain meds until she could not function any longer and then put her down, or, 2) amputate the leg.

A friend of mine had taken her elderly dog, Alf, to Main Street Veterinarians of Stone Mountain and her dog had wonderful results and lived a happy life for quite some time. So I took Peanut to see Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians.

I have to admit I was skeptical about the Nutritional Response testing of Peanut’s health, but the diagnosis made sense to me. Peanut went on Dr. Moorehead’s nutritional program. Within a week, I saw some improvement.

After two weeks she was keeping her rear leg on the ground and she had little pain. After three weeks, she was a happier dog, and her tail was coming out from its tucked position. She was able to climb stairs (though slowly) and I was even seeing her tail wag.

We began reducing her pain meds as Peanut was doing very well. After four weeks she was able to take long walks again, and the tail was straight out and wagging. I observed something special. Usually Peanut is scratching at the door of the vet’s treatment room to get out.

Here, she lies calmly on the floor. Evidently Peanut is very happy at MainStreet Veterinarians, and is comfortable with Dr. Moorehead and all the staff.

Many Thanks, SC.

On feline digestive disorders…

I am eternally thankful to Dr. Moorehead and his staff for what they have done to get my aging cat, George, back on track.

Our first visit to MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, two years ago, was an emergency with George unable to keep any food down. Through the Nutrition Response Testing technique that Dr. Moorehead uses he was able to determine what supplements George needed to get him stabilized.

To get to the core of George’s problems it was like “peeling back the layers of an onion” as Dr. Moorehead likes to describe it. All the visits to the clinic were followed up with a phone call to see how George was doing after his “re-checks”.

These phone calls were especially helpful when occasionally different symptoms would appear as the layers were peeled back. Dr. Moorehead and his staff were always reassuring and encouraged me to be patient as the healing process unfolded. Today, George is 15 years young and looking forward to many more healthy years under Dr. Moorehead’s watchful eye and healing touch.

Sincerely, LB.

On cardiovascular problems…

My name is Janeth Anderson and I have a Schnauzer name Sheba.  She wondered into my neighborhood about 3 years ago.  She is white and gray which I was told is a rear breed.

This year she was having breathing problems.  I took her to the vet; her situation didn’t seem to improve.  A co-worker referred me to Dr. Moorehead.  He diagnosed her as having infection, heart and kidney failure.  Her treatment with him started in July.

Today, Sheba is as healthy as a young dog.  Her heart and kidneys are back to normal, no infection.  Her improvement is due to Dr. Moorehead’s treatment with NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) and special care.

Sheba and I thank Dr. Moorehead from the bottom of our hearts for the loving and special care we get from him and his staff.

Sincerely, The Anderson Family

On Parvoviral problems (viral stomach and intestinal infections)…

I would like to start by thanking DR. Moorehead and his staff for the innovative approach to veterinary medicine which was a major asset to the survival of my 10 week old puppy Delilah. My family and I rescued her from an animal shelter only to learn that she was ill with Parvo. The chances of her survival were 30 to 70percent. Dr. Moorehead started her on homeopathic medicine and specific and clear instructions on how to care for her at home.

His caring staff called through the weekend to see how Delilah was doing as well as to give my family encouragement to help Missy (her nickname) fight for her life. It was touch and go for two days but on the third day you would have thought my family hit the lottery, because when we went to bed that Saturday evening we were frightened that Delilah wouldn’t make it through the night. She was weak and listless and didn’t appear to have any fight left in her. Sunday Morning we awoke to her yelps and jumping in her kennel wanting out to run and play. Also we have another dog Fila who DR. Moorehead gave preventive medication to and I am happy to say that both of our pets are thriving wonderfully. Thank you and your staff for your care and concern. This is why you and your staff have been chosen by my family to be our pet doctor(LOL) for the past ten years.

Sincerely, The H. Family

On venomous insect bites…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and Staff:

I want to thank you for your outstanding care for my black lab mix, Ellie. Eleven months ago, when I brought Ellie into your office for an infected anal gland, I had no idea that we were about to embark on such a long, hard journey to recovery. Within a couple of days from that visit, her other anal gland became infected, her jaw in the left side of her head started swelling on top, and the flesh on top of her head started slowly decaying. Despite your efforts, her response to steroids, antibiotics and other medications was not very promising. My subsequent trip to the UGA Veterinary Hospital was not very positive either. Without saying it, they basically told me to have her euthanized. Thankfully, upon hearing this, you suggested trying an alternative therapy program using nutritional supplements [NRT].

Ellie’s response to the nutritional therapy over the next several months was amazing. The swelling in her jaw went down, her energy level increased, her fevers subsided and the skin on top of her gradually grew back along with a little bit of hair (I never knew I would be so happy to have a bold headed dog!). I am convinced that Ellie would no longer be with us had you not suggested the alternative therapy to treat her. Thank you for not giving up on her.

Sincerely, TC

On geriatric care…

Amber is a Lhasa Apso who is 14 ½ years old now, but you would never know it, except that she can’t jump over the 36″ doggie gate now as she used to do.  She runs and plays with her toys and is remarkably happy and without any obvious aches and pains that would plague a person of her relative age.  Her blood work and other tests confirm her good health—even her heart is working well, unusual for a dog her age (even if she doesn’t think she’s a dog).

I attribute her good health to her excellent treatment and care by Dr. Moorehead and staff at the MainStreet Veterinary Clinic for almost two years. The distinction of the treatment is the blending of the best in traditional veterinary care and alternative health care. The nutritional supplements are keeping all systems “go.”Dr. Moorehead is a remarkable and skilled animal health care professional who genuinely cares about his patient and the family. Amber and I count ourselves lucky to be working him in achieving optimal health for her for such an extended time.

 Sincerely, SO.

On Ear and Facial Inflammation…

I have known Dr. Moorehead since I was in middle school.  I do not remember how my mom decided to choose Dr. Moorehead as our veterinarian, but it doesn’t matter because he is the best!  He has always taken such great care of our cat and dog, especially when a car hit our dog Buddy.  Dr. Moorehead treated him without any kind of surgery and now he is in the best shape he’s ever been in.

Now I am all grown up, live on my own, and have my own pet.  I got my kitten Lorelei when she was six weeks old and now she is ten months.  She has been sick the entire time I’ve had her.  I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake than I did when I took Lorelei to a veterinarian office that was close to my apartment versus the veterinarian who I knew would and could help her.

I have spent so much of my money and time taking her to a doctor who kept misdiagnosing her.  First it was ringworm, and when that did not seem to go away and only get progressively worse I took her back to find out that she was suffering from an allergic reaction to plastic.  Things just did not get any better.  The final straw was when I came home from work one evening and her face was covered in blood from all the irritation and scratching she had done to herself and I took her to Dr. Moorehead ASAP!  I knew Dr. Moorehead would be the one to fix all the problems and sure enough he did.

He found that she was allergic to the chlorine found in tap water, which was blocking her regulation hindering him to cure herself of the parasites that were living in her this whole time.

Lorelei was in the road to recovery only after the first visit and now after seeing Dr. Moorehead about four times in a two month period she is almost perfect for the first time in her short life.

I do not know what I would’ve done without Dr. Moorehead, his amazing techs and his friendly staff.  He took the huge disaster I had and turned it into a miracle and saved my cat.

He is by far the best veterinarian ever!  He is so smart and knows exactly what he’s doing.  It does not matter what breed, what size, or what age your pet is, Dr. Moorehead gives nothing but accurate and positive results when caring for the animals that cross his doorsteps.  I give nothing but my gratitude and infinite thanks yous!

 Sincerely, AM.

On Leg Weakness…

To Everyone at Main Street Veterinarians, 
I’m pleased to inform you that Daisy recovery is going very well and my wife and I are very thankful that we had found your clinic. 

On August 1st, 2008 my wife and I began noticing that our dog Daisy who’s only 4 years of age was not being as playful as she is normally. Then on August 4th, we had both noticed that Daisy was losing her ability to stand on both her hind legs. Panicking that she may have digested something toxic while we were remodeling our new home or perhaps that she injured herself in the new surrounding, my wife and I rushed her to a traditional veterinarian clinic that very day. Without running any tests or even taking her temperature reading the veterinarian came to the conclusion that the patella in her hind leg “could be” slipping out of place. He quickly recommended surgery. 

Suspicious and uncomfortable with his diagnoses my wife and I had decided to get a second opinion from another traditional veterinarian on August 6th. By this time, Daisy’s situation got even worse. She had lost 90% of her ability to utilize her hind legs. After reading her temperature, body weight and taking an x-ray, they concluded that Daisy required back surgery as they believed there “could be” a herniated disc in the spine, although no such evidence was present on the X-Ray. 

Frustrated to receive two entirely different diagnoses that required extreme medical treatments followed with the insecurity in their diagnoses, we decide for a third opinion. 

This time we had ventured to go untraditional (holistic) and discovered MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, operated by Dr. Moorehead. On August 8th, we arrived at his office with Daisy. The Dr and staff members were very friendly and showed a tremendous concern for Daisy since our arrival. The method that the Dr. used to diagnose Daisy was very different from what I was used to seeing but very impressive and is called “Nutrition Response Testing.” Using this method Dr. Moorehead was able to identify the root cause of Daisy’s problem with confidence and in just less than 30 minutes. His staff sent us home with three bottles of all natural supplements and within 2 days… Daisy made an amazing 95% recovery. My wife and I were shocked! 

Not only did Daisy not require extreme treatments that would have cost us thousands of dollars and possibly weeks of therapy, but also her rate of recovery from Dr. Moorehead treatment was quicker than the time it took for the negative factors to bring her to the level of decline that she had reached. His diagnoses and treatment was right-on and I firmly believe only a doctor who cares about what he does can poses such skills. 
To anyone reading this testimonial – you have brought your pet at the right clinic. 


On Malignant Cancer…

Dear Dr. Moorehead, 

Our dog Bella is now 11 years old.  A few months ago we didn’t think she would see another month.
Bella had a malignant melanoma in her mouth.  With surgery and medication [nutrition] Bella has rebounded to her old self.  Thanks to Dr. Moorehead Bella is cancer free and healthy.  Lots of care and determination alone with love and tenderness by Dr. Moorehead and his wonderful staff have made a difference.  A big difference!

It’s so nice to see Bella chasing the occasional squirrel or chipmunk.  She even leads the charge with our other younger dogs the neighbor’s cat.

We appreciate everything at MainStreet Veterinarians. 


On Heart Problems…

Dear Dr. Moorehead, 
 First of all, I would like to thank you and your staff for your help all of these years with my baby Lexus.  I have had Lexus since 1999 and he has been one of the many joys in my life.  As you know, Lexus is 11 years old and has had some heart problems in his many years.  He has always come to MainStreet Veterinarians for his medical care and I attribute his good health to that fact.  

A few years ago I witnessed you doing something that I thought it was kind of strange to Lexus when he came in for a routine visit.  At that point I was introduced to NRT (Nutrition Response Testing).  I must admit I was kind of skeptical at first but now that I have seen the results of this revolutionary treatment I am thoroughly convinced.  Lexus is thriving in spite of his health issues and is a very happy little dog.  He is full of energy and sometimes I think he thinks he is still a puppy.

He has responded really well to the NRT treatments and nutrition’s and I look forward to spending as much time as possible with Lexus as long as he’s here.  I’m sure that will be for a while as long as I keep him up to speed with his follow up visits.  I also have to admit that the regular rechecks have been a challenge but I realize they are a necessary part of the required treatment to keep Lexus healthy.  Thank you for your patience with my lack of understanding.  I now know how the system works and will be diligent in the future when it comes to getting Lexus in to see you and keeping him on his nutrition’s.

I look forward to a continued positive relationship with your practice.  Both Lexus and I thank you soo much!!!


On Diabetes…

What a dilemma! In March 2007, our only child, a seven year old Australian Cattle dog named Annie was diagnosed with diabetes.  After working as alternative health care practitioners for over thirty years, but with no training or experience with dogs, we were hesitant, even fearful, to apply the methods we know.  Had she been human, we would have been comfortable consulting with other holistic minded doctors and expected great results utilizing the natural healing capabilities of the body.Annie’s condition soon deteriorated to ketoacidosis, and it took a five-day hospital stay to stabilize her insulin levels. Next, an abdominal mass was found.  The ultrasound examination showed suspected pancreatic cancer. A subsequent tissue aspiration confirmed severe pancreatitis. Thank God it wasn’t cancer!  Let the healing begin!  Under the care of her Internal Veterinary Specialists she initially responded well. Then after complications from her diabetes, she began to go blind due to bilateral cataracts.  She had eye surgery for lens implants in August 2007 and thankfully regained her eyesight.

In November 2007 Annie suffered an insulin-induced seizure, which required a trip to the emergency room.  This was followed by months of uncontrollable blood sugar. She was on a roller coaster going downhill fast.  While feeling grateful for the first aid and vision saving skills of her medical caregivers, we began to grow more uncomfortable with the typical hard-line traditional treatment protocols, medications, and prescription diets, which left no hope for rebuilding Annie’s strength and vitality.

We wanted her to be under the care of a veterinarian who had the mind set and experience with the same healing principles that we had experienced in our own practice.
Thankfully in March 2008 we finally found Dr. Moorehead. He is one of a handful of veterinarians in the country that has additional specialized training in alternative health methods.

Under Dr. Moorehead’s care Annie’s health has excelled in every way. We’ve seen expressions on her face we’ve never seen before. She is alert, strong, energetic and happy.  We’re at peace knowing she is getting the very best care to maximize her body’s healing potential.

In our opinion Dr. Moorehead has demonstrated that he is a particularly gifted and exceptional veterinarian. He is also the only vet who offers this kind of safe, non-toxic, highly effective alternative care along with conventional care.

We are fortunate to have him in Georgia.

Drs. R and G R

On Longevity…

I enlisted Dr. Morehead’s help for my three dogs for the nutrition response consult.  I did not expect a whole lot to happen initially but I felt optimistic for the long run.

I was totally amazed that literally after one administration of the supplements after our first session, two of the three dogs seemed terrific.  My twelve year old terrier was running around, light on her paws, like she was two years old.  I watched her with tears in my eyes.  She was running and running around the house and yard late at night when I got home.  Her habit had been to greet me at the door and then immediately go upstairs to hide under the bed.  I felt so blown away with having results already.

My youngest dog, two years old, was running around the house like a maniac.  Once again, I felt amazed with her energy level.  My oldest dog, 18 years old, was walking a little bit better but still struggling.  I called Dr. Morehead and told him that I was shocked to already have great results and can this be true!?  My dogs have continued to feel good.  They don’t have as much energy as they did the first night but I still see major improvements.

My 12 year old is staying out from under the bed which tells me that she is not hurting as much.
I am so eager to see what the long run of working with Dr. Morehead will be like for my four legged children. 



On Liver Disease…

Wilbur is my lovable, goofy, seven year old Basset hound.  When he leaned up against me one morning, and I noticed his stomach was yellowish, I immediately took him to the vet.  They ran some blood tests on him and I was told he had very serious liver infection.  Several of his enzymes levels were extremely elevated.  I was shocked, as he had exhibited no signs of being sick.  A liver biopsy was suggested to determine the cause and a way to “save” him.

Dr, Moorehead did his own testing and determined that Wilbur had a liver infection, complicated by a compromised immune system.  Wilbur had also developed an allergy to chlorine in the tap water, so his immune system was unable to fight the liver infection.  Dr. Moorehead suggested putting him on an intense nutritional program (instead of surgery) to flush Wilbur’s liver and help it to rebuild.  He felt that surgery would be hard on Wilbur in this condition.

After about six weeks of carefully following this program, Wilbur’s blood levels returned to normal.  I have had Wilbur on a nutritional plan through Dr. Moorehead for several years.  He told me that if not for Wilbur’s overall strong health, due to the nutritional plan followed over the years, he may not have survived this.  Dr. Moorehead later told me that Wilbur’s enzyme levels were some of the highest he had seen in a pet and have it survive

I am so very grateful to Dr. Moorehead and the caring staff at MSV.  Wilbur and I think they’re pretty great!



On Cat Coughing…

My cat and moved down to Atlanta 6 months ago and it was a big change for all of us. But when she started coughing I thought it was just environmental and it would go away.

After two weeks and it getting worse I decided to take her to a vet, they said it was asthma and gave her a steroid. Although it masked the symptoms she was gaining weight and now weighed 15 lbs. And it was near to impossible to give her the pills.

I tried a holistic vet and she said it was food allergies so she gave me an expensive prescription food. When that didn’t work she suggested an inhaler of steroids. Then I found MainStreet Veterinarians and within 3 weeks she was no longer coughing and had more energy. And now 8 weeks into it she is more playful and full of energy.

Thanks Dr Moorehead.


T.L. & G.

On Diarrhea…

Thank you for your caring, professional veterinary services provided for Rifka, my cat.  She no longer has bowel problems and even her breath is fresher.

When you examined her, you detected kidney and allergy problems and began to treat her with alternative/complimentary pet care.  I was just thrilled that you did not want to give her all mater of medicines which often have major side effects.  Instead, you used vitamins and herbs which corrected the problems.

I must note that Rifka hates going to the vet for any care.  However, she almost seemed relaxed at your clinic and did not try to get away as she would usually do.  So, your motto, “we specialized in kindness”, must really work.  She likes whatever you are doing.

Thank you again for the great care you and your staff have given Rifka.



On Cancer…

It has been my pleasure to bring my pets to MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain for the past four years. Dr. Moorehead is very knowledgeable and caring toward his patients. My dog, Honey, who is no less than 16 years old recently underwent surgery for a cancerous tumor. Dr. Moorehead discovered this during a yearly exam.

He made extraneous adjustments to his schedule to see to it that Honey was operated on immediately. Under his care Honey no longer has cancer and she is actually acting like a younger dog. The stiffness in her hind legs due to arthritis has been reduced. She walks with a bounce in her step.

Thanks you Dr. Moorehead for your expertise, for your patience in teaching me healthy nutrition for my animals and truly caring about the well-being of your patients.

Best wishes for you and your staff.



On Old Age…

Please allow me a few moments of your time to tell you of my experience with Dr. Moorehead and his staff.

This is a testimony for Dr. Moorehead who has provided my pet with wonderful care. My dog is named Chops. He is a boxer that had a very hard life before I became his mom.

Chops was abused and never really trusted people. Dr. Moorehead and his staff worked with Chops and I feel Chops understands that Dr. Moorehead and his staff are helping him feel better. His visits to the clinic are now more pleasant as Chops does not become aggressive as he was in the start. Chops is still aggressive, yet he tolerates his treatment better. It warms my heart to see Dr. Moorehead and his staff greets Chops with so much love when he arrives. They make me feel that Chops is an important to them as he is to me.

Dr. Moorehead has treated Chops for about 3 years. Chops has had several medical problems and he was not able to enjoy a walk or run due to his pain. With the great care provided by Dr. Moorehead and his staff Chops is now able to walk and he does strut his self about when we go for our walks. Chops can now run in the yard without pain, he is enjoying his new found life.

I would like to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for the wonderful compassion and care that Chops has received. The MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain is a loving, caring facility and I am blessed to have them in our lives.



On Weight Loss…

I am writing this to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for helping my Norwegian Elk Hound, Loki loose weight and improve her health.
Loki got up to an alarming 84 pounds, no matter how I tried to control her diet. She started having difficulty in walking and looked as though she was always in pain.

After a thorough exam, Dr. Moorehead prescribed “Science Diet R/D” for overweight dogs and “Canine Musculoskeletal Support” for her joints and tissues.

Loki now weighs 56 ½ pounds, a loss of 1/3 her body weight in a year and a half and is pain free.

Loki and I will always be grateful for Dr. Moorehead for his concern and skills as a Veterinarian.

Thank You!


On Skin Allergies…

When Dr. Moorehead first did the “arm thing” (NRT) to diagnose medical problems, my initial thought was, “It may be time to look for another vet.”

Well, two puppies, many supplements, and years later, I am a believer.

My latest success story involves KaCe, my mixed terrier who looks just like Benji. She had been scratching incessantly and, literally, chewing the area near her tail. Dr. Moorehead indicated that 9 out of 10 times the cause for this behavior was fleas. I knew she was the 1 out of the 10, because I was positive she did not have fleas.

After the “arm thing” (NRT), Dr. Moorehead determined she had several allergies, and he prescribed four supplements and bottled water. After only two weeks, the raw area near her tail had healed and her hair was growing back.

If Dr. Moorehead were not a caring as he is skilled, I would not be a client. Six years ago, when my 16-year old silky terrier was very ill, Dr. Moorehead was there … on a Sunday. Unfortunately, Dooley did not make it, but I will never forget Dr. Moorehead’s compassion.

Finally, I cannot commend Dr. Moorehead without doing the same for his excellent staff. They are the best!


Nancy and KaCe

On Food Allergies…

A year ago I took my nine year old dog Zoe to her vet for what I thought was a bladder infection. They kept her all day taking blood and running tests. When I arrived to pick her up the vet took me aside and told me “they” felt she had Cushing’s disease. I was told more tests were needed since the blood work actually came back inconclusive, I agreed.

While Zoe was undergoing more tests during the following weeks, I started researching Cushing’s disease and was devastated to find out my little friend might succumb to kidney failure.

All the tests came back inconclusive and the antibiotics cleared up the infection yet our vet still insisted she had this decease.

It was the cold, uncaring manner and the inability to look outside the box for other causes that made me begin looking for a more holistic approach and found Dr. Moorehead and his staff.

During her first visit using the NRT method we discovered she was allergic to rice! I was floored after a year of putting Zoe through test after test and a barrage of antibiotics all I really needed to do was change her diet!

Now after using supplements to help clear up “blockages” she is on her way to better health.

Zoe is ten now and I feel without the knowledge and support Dr. Moorehead and his staff have given us she wouldn’t be looking forward to a happy senior lifestyle.

So I say thank you, which really doesn’t seem to be enough for giving me a friend back!

You and your wonderful, supporting staff Linda, Nicole, Jackie and all the others are in our hearts and prayers.

Thank you for caring for Zoe as if she were your own!


Sharon and Zoe

On Epilepsy…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain’s friends;

This letter is a testimonial to your skills in treating our dog Sukha who was having seizures. You speculated that Sukha’s thyroid was under active and that a combination of natural medicines and conventional medication might be beneficial.

I was skeptical. Epilepsy was in this dog’s history. However, I trusted your judgment and you were right.

First we had several months of treatment with many natural medicines and one standard medication.

Slowly Sukha’s thyroid function improved. He has not had any seizures in nine (9) months!

Thank You!

Tony and Joy

On Environmental Allergies…

I took my dog Sophie to main street because she was having ulcers on her front pads. My vet did not know what it was and pretty much sent us on our way.Dr.
Moorehead was our hero. He did some homeopathic
(NRT) testing on her and it ended up she was allergic to my cleaning products, some food, sugar, and certain treats. Gave me some medication (nutrition) to detox her and stop itching and in 2 weeks she was heeled. I couldn’t believe it. Since then she still sees him every couple of weeks and is on certain food. She has even lost weight which she needed to do.Thanks Dr. Moorehead like I said your our hero.


On Kidney Problems…

I am very grateful for the Nutritional Response Testing work that Dr. Moorehead offers. He has helped both my dog and cat with health issues that have been compromising their well-being, and have not been successfully treated by conventional (and even alternative) veterinary medicine.

My 12 year old cat has had many years of difficult symptoms that looked chronic bladder problems, requiring antibiotics, herbs, and extra fluids on a frequent basis. His behavior was difficult, as he could not sleep at night and has disrupted my rest for 10 years. When I recently took him to Dr. Moorehead, it was discovered through the NRT testing that his kidneys and brain were toxic with mercury. After several weeks of treatment Simba is much, much better! He has not required any fluids, he is consistently sleeping all through the night, and is a different (and younger acting) cat!

My 9 year old Shih-Tzu had developed several symptoms in the fall that were very concerning to me. He began having intestinal irritability, fatigue, bladder infections, sudden weight loss, and his hair had thinned and was unhealthy looking. When Dr. Moorehead saw him for the first time, he found that he had a virus – with the powerful herbs for several weeks, and treatment for other, less dangerous health issues, he is recovered and better than ever!

The work that Dr. Moorehead does so skillfully is invaluable – and it does require consistent retesting and possible new supplements for the first several weeks of treatment. But I found that this “intensive care” has paid off and I am very pleased with how my boys are doing now!


On Heartworms…

I wanted to write and thank all of you at Main Street Veterinarians for the excellent care my wonderful dog Lucy received.  She is a hardy lab mix and to my dismay several years ago had a severe reaction to her vaccinations.  She was under the care of a critical care veterinary clinic and with their help pulled her through.  Because of the experience I became very hesitant about giving her any kind of medication for fear of a reaction.  I even went the route of having titers done to make sure she met the requirements of the state and to protect myself legally.  Unfortunately titers will not cover you if your dog bites someone.  I decided for her well being I would not vaccinate, but it was very frustrating because it kept her from dog parks and having fun as well as tying me down at home.

I go into such detail because I wanted all to know that good things come from bad situations.  Due to my lack of wanting to medicate I did not give Lucy her heart worm treatments in the winter and because of this she developed heart worms.  I did not trust a regular vet to treat her with such toxic medication so my Alternative Health Dr. recommended Dr. Moorehead because he treated animals using the same technique as she.  Using supplements to aid in strengthening her as she underwent her treatment she came through with flying colors not to mention that he determined the vaccination that she had severely reacted to. Long story short she now is a legally vaccinated dog and truly the healthy dog she had always appeared to be.  I wanted to let all know that for those of us animal lovers who at times need to take the alternative route it is truly a blessing to know that there are Drs. out there who have the courage to go the extra mile and opened minded enough that all good medication natural or otherwise works for our good.  Thank you Dr. Moorehead and your staff for caring!

 Sincerely, SB.

Nutritional Program…

Dear Dr. Moorehead,

When our 11 year old German Sheppard howled in pain every rime he moved, or every time we slightly touched him, I thought for sure he had ruptured a disc in his back. You could see the pain in his eyes. He was very weak, barely able to support his own weight and would let out the most blood curdling screams I’ve ever heard. We rushed him to see Dr. Moorehead. We were surprised when Dr. Moorehead said it wasn’t his back. Instead, he prescribed a number of nutritional supplements and sent us back home. At first I think both my husband and I thought, you’ve got to be kidding me. Our baby is really sick. I don’t think nutrients are going to fix it. Still, Dr. Moorehead has always been our Vet, and even though we have never had to deal with anything too serious, we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

We follow up with Dr. Moorehead the following week, but there has been no change. In fact, 8 VER LONG weeks passed and still no real improvement. At times it even seemed to get worse, or at the very least, we would switch one set of problems for another. We spent so much time at the Dr.’s office we began to refer to our appointments as Tuesday’s with Moorehead!

It’s safe to say by this time we were exhausted, very frustrated and beginning to no longer believe he could heal. We began to think we might have to put our Sheppard down, and we were not even ready to consider that. Dr. Moorehead assured us that every day our baby was getting stronger and soon we would see a difference.

Despite our doubts, we continued to follow the nutritional program prescribed. I guess another 3 weeks passed, when one morning I was awakened by something I had not experienced in a very long timeÂ…My beautiful German Sheppard waking me up with a kiss. Not only had he gotten with no yelling, but he was able to lift his head up to the bed to say good morning for the very first time in 3 months. My husband put it best when he said, “it was like a light switch being turned on and suddenly we had our dog back.”

Complete and total healing came back after that and he is like a new dog. He runs and plays, and barks like he is half his age. The light, the joy, and the sparkle in his eyes is back. We wouldn’t have believe it if we hadn’t lived through the experience ourselves. We have become true believers in the life-saving benefits of NRT, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Moorehead and his staff for their special knowledge, their persistence, and loving care of our animal companions.

Warm regards, C and B

On malignant skin cancer…

Laney was only 6 weeks old when found along side the road and brought to the Humane Society. We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old, the day after we got engaged 8 years ago. She truly is an important part of our lives and we can’t imagine our family without Laney. That being said, when we heard that Laney had soft skin sarcoma cancer we felt a sense of panic, fear, and loss of control.

The recommendation from our original vet was to pursue radiation treatments. Trusting their judgment, we made an appointment and were directed to start her immediately for 3 weeks; 5 difficult days a week.

The possible side effects were a mile long and would impact her quality of life temporarily and possibly long term. The radiation did not sit well with us knowing the pain that our poor, dear girl would have to endure.

We started to reach out to everyone we knew for recommendations. One person led to another, which led us to Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain.

Dr. Moorehead immediately put us at ease and gave us hope that there were other options than radiation. We followed the treatment with weekly follow-ups, which became bi-weekly, now every four to six weeks.; Dr. Moorehead’s office has been great about calling to just check in on Laney when a few weeks have passed. Talk about great customer service!

Six months have passed since we got the news on Laney. At this point it almost seems like a nightmare that we would like to forget. Laney is fully recovered and acting younger than she has in years. Her energy level (playing chase with our younger dog) and mobility (jumping on the couch and bed) is amazing.

She has that look back in her eyes that was missing when she was sick.

We would full-heartedly recommend Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians to anyone for the most basic pet care to the more serious illnesses.

Thank you, Dr. Moorehead and team. We thank you for Laney’s health and for the support you gave us when we did not think we had any options.

Kate and Josh

On low energy…

I brought my 11 year old rescued Redbone Coonhound to Dr. Moorehead as a last ditch effort. She had been diagnosed with thyroid problems, congestive heart, insufficient kidney function and “old age”. Three other vets pretty much told me to enjoy her last days.

My neighbor has a little Beagle that had not been doing well at all. I saw her during one of our walks a couple of months ago and noticed that Peanut looked much better. Two weeks later Peanut looked remarkably better and I was convinced to bring Gretchen to Dr. Moorehead.

Gretchen has been going to Main St. Vet now for less than two months and she’s a different dog! Her eyes are clear again; her fur not only stopped falling out, but is soft again. And for the first time in 2 years she walked faster than me on our walk!!!

I convinced another neighbor to also take his elderly dog to Dr. Moorehead and he too is doing better. That’s 3 dogs out of 3 that I know of.

Yes, the [NRT] process is “different” and perhaps “strange”, but when a pet does not respond to traditional therapy there is nothing to lose. Nutrition Response Testing works, ya’ll. It’s worth the drive, money and time.

THANK YOU DR. MOOREHEAD & STAFF! Gretchen loves you all and so do I.


On cat with AIDS…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff,

Thank you all so much for your care and concern during Blackjack’s recent illness. When we took Blackjack to your office a month ago he was an extremely sick cat. He was severely dehydrated and had not eaten in days. He was throwing up constantly and totally listless. He finally positioned himself in a hole under the house and would not come out no matter what we tried. His poor little sad eyes said it all. His condition was so dire that we were certain the time had come to put down this old feral cat turned tame.

Much to our surprise and delight, when we took Blackjack in to see you, you felt confident that it wasn’t his time to go and that you could help him. And help him you did! After leaving him for treatment at the clinic overnight, he was quite obviously feeling so much better the next morning. When we took him home, he immediately started eating and drinking and within the next few days he was walking around again with his head held high. Now he is totally back to normal and his happy self again thanks to you. What a success story.

Thank you again. You guys are so competent and it’s wonderful to have a veterinarian and amazing staff that truly cares. Blackjack thank you, too. Oh, and he loved being hand fed!!!