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Success Stories

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On Cat Coughing…

My cat and moved down to Atlanta 6 months ago and it was a big change for all of us. But when she started coughing I thought it was just environmental and it would go away. After two weeks and it getting worse I decided to take her to a vet, they said it was asthma and gave her a steroid. Although it masked the symptoms she was gaining weight and now weighed 15 lbs. And it was near to impossible to give her the pills. I tried [...]

On Old Age…

Please allow me a few moments of your time to tell you of my experience with Dr. Moorehead and his staff. This is a testimony for Dr. Moorehead who has provided my pet with wonderful care. My dog is named Chops. He is a boxer that had a very hard life before I became his mom. Chops was abused and never really trusted people. Dr. Moorehead and his staff worked with Chops and I feel Chops understands that Dr. Moorehead and his staff are helping him feel better. [...]

On “Phantom” Pain Issues

Dear Dr. Moorehead, “Suki”, my 11-month old Japanese Chin, and I would like to thank Dr. Moorhead and everyone at MainStreet Vets. You changed our lives!! About 1½ months ago, “Suki” started crying out and whining at random. The shrilling, painful cry when you step on a puppy’s tail. No one was touching her and nothing was punching, poking or irritating her. Along with this came a solemn mood. She seemed very serious all the time, not interested in jumping or running or even playing tug-o-war with her [...]

Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Moorehead is truly a gifted veterinarian. He is extremely knowledgeable about holistic as well as allopathic solutions for animals. I am so very appreciative and thankful for his expert care regarding my three felines and one canine. My testimony is about Brandy, my canine whom I rescued two years ago. I adopted Brandy, a 6 year old part Chow and part Lab rescue dog who was about to be euthanized. With her previous owner, Brandy had never had her shots nor had she been spayed. I later [...]

Suspected Thyroid Cancer

We came to Dr Moorehead in the spring of 2013 with our dog Riley. We had taken him to a traditional vet to diagnose and treat a growth on his neck, which was increasing in size and affecting his bark.  That vet diagnosed “probable” thyroid cancer, and we were told it was very risky surgery to remove it. We came away with a steroid to slow the growth, and a sad prognosis of 3-6 months more with Riley. He grew increasingly lethargic, gained weight, and wanted to remain [...]


[NRT] and I took a leap of faith from traditional thinking and began the program. Mocha responded immediately to the therapy and no longer needs the pain meds, wags her tail vigorously all the time and seems genuinely relaxed in the house. I’m not sure Mocha would be alive today without the alternative therapy; I believe I would have had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her, as traditional medicines were not working. Thank you for your time and effort, I’m very glad Mochas well-being is in [...]

On Diarrhea…

Thank you for your caring, professional veterinary services provided for Rifka, my cat.  She no longer has bowel problems and even her breath is fresher. When you examined her, you detected kidney and allergy problems and began to treat her with alternative/complimentary pet care.  I was just thrilled that you did not want to give her all mater of medicines which often have major side effects.  Instead, you used vitamins and herbs which corrected the problems. I must note that Rifka hates going to the vet for any [...]

On ambulatory issues

On 3/13/10 I woke up to the sound of my 11 year old Bichon Frise Mickey whining at the bottom of the stairs. I thought he just wanted to go out but when I went downstairs I realized that his rear legs were weak and his entire rear end was swaying from side to side. He was whining because he couldn’t go up the stairs. I thought he had had a stroke. I was scared to death. I immediately called Dr. Moorehead’s office and they told me to [...]

On venomous insect bites…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and Staff: I want to thank you for your outstanding care for my black lab mix, Ellie. Eleven months ago, when I brought Ellie into your office for an infected anal gland, I had no idea that we were about to embark on such a long, hard journey to recovery. Within a couple of days from that visit, her other anal gland became infected, her jaw in the left side of her head started swelling on top, and the flesh on top of her head [...]

On Heart Problems…

Dear Dr. Moorehead, First of all, I would like to thank you and your staff for your help all of these years with my baby Lexus.  I have had Lexus since 1999 and he has been one of the many joys in my life.  As you know, Lexus is 11 years old and has had some heart problems in his many years.  He has always come to MainStreet Veterinarians for his medical care and I attribute his good health to that fact. A few years ago I witnessed [...]

On Mast cell Tumor

Dr. Moorehead saved my dog twice. We started going in August 2015 because my lab was diagnosed with cancer. She had a tumor removed but due to cancer cells being on the edges of the wide margins that were taken, it was recommended that she have another surgery and radiation. That’s when we discovered Mainstreet Veterinarians and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). We followed the protocol that Dr. Moorehead recommended and she is doing really well. Well, until she decided to eat part of her bed. It was scary [...]

On Cushing’s disease

Over a year and a half ago our dog, Simon, a 70 lb Yellow Lab mix, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. When the vet gave us the prognosis of Simon’s living 6 more months and needing chemotherapy (which was supposed to be painful), we were at a loss. We did not want to put Simon, who was 13 at the time, through that pain, especially when the chemo would only add 2-4 additional months to his life. It was then that we decided to see what holistic options [...]

On Diabetes…

What a dilemma! In March 2007, our only child, a seven year old Australian Cattle dog named Annie was diagnosed with diabetes.  After working as alternative health care practitioners for over thirty years, but with no training or experience with dogs, we were hesitant, even fearful, to apply the methods we know.  Had she been human, we would have been comfortable consulting with other holistic minded doctors and expected great results utilizing the natural healing capabilities of the body.Annie’s condition soon deteriorated to ketoacidosis, and it took a [...]

On cat with AIDS…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff, Thank you all so much for your care and concern during Blackjack’s recent illness. When we took Blackjack to your office a month ago he was an extremely sick cat. He was severely dehydrated and had not eaten in days. He was throwing up constantly and totally listless. He finally positioned himself in a hole under the house and would not come out no matter what we tried. His poor little sad eyes said it all. His condition was so dire that we [...]

On skin allergies

My blue (gray) Pit Bull, Minnie, began seeing Dr. Moorehead over a year ago. Minnie was only a few months out of the shelter and began developing pretty severe “hot spots” on her neck. Not long after, she started to get strange bumps all over her body. The bumps were sometimes hard and pink; others were filled with white fluid. Sometimes they would break open and bleed, and other times they’d just disappear after a few weeks. She would also go through periods of extreme shedding (she has [...]

On HGE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis)

In November 2015 Dixie, one of our pets, developed HGE and was so very sick.  I’d never heard of HGE and shortly thereafter learned that many dogs do not survive it.   It comes on so quickly I suspect some pass away before even being diagnosed.  If your furry child begins vomiting with diarrhea pay close attention.  If the frequency increases over a 7-10 hour period, get to your Vet immediately.  With HGE, administering IV fluids is critical to the survival of your pet. This purpose of this communication [...]

On Food Allergies…

A year ago I took my nine year old dog Zoe to her vet for what I thought was a bladder infection. They kept her all day taking blood and running tests. When I arrived to pick her up the vet took me aside and told me “they” felt she had Cushing’s disease. I was told more tests were needed since the blood work actually came back inconclusive, I agreed. While Zoe was undergoing more tests during the following weeks, I started researching Cushing’s disease and was devastated [...]

On Cancer…

It has been my pleasure to bring my pets to MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain for the past four years. Dr. Moorehead is very knowledgeable and caring toward his patients. My dog, Honey, who is no less than 16 years old recently underwent surgery for a cancerous tumor. Dr. Moorehead discovered this during a yearly exam. He made extraneous adjustments to his schedule to see to it that Honey was operated on immediately. Under his care Honey no longer has cancer and she is actually acting like a [...]

On feline lethargy and anorexia

“Nemo”, our lovable Siamese cat began to isolate himself, lose interest in food and was getting quite thin. We took him to the local veterinarian who said his teeth just needed cleaning. This was done, but after a few weeks there was no change. He was getting thinner and more dehydrated.We took “Nemo” back to the veterinarian, subq fluids were given and more tests were done. When the test results came back, he said he did not know what the problem was, but suggested that it could possibly [...]

Nutritional Program…

Dear Dr. Moorehead, When our 11 year old German Sheppard howled in pain every rime he moved, or every time we slightly touched him, I thought for sure he had ruptured a disc in his back. You could see the pain in his eyes. He was very weak, barely able to support his own weight and would let out the most blood curdling screams I’ve ever heard. We rushed him to see Dr. Moorehead. We were surprised when Dr. Moorehead said it wasn’t his back. Instead, he prescribed [...]