I would like to start by thanking DR. Moorehead and his staff for the innovative approach to veterinary medicine which was a major asset to the survival of my 10 week old puppy Delilah. My family and I rescued her from an animal shelter only to learn that she was ill with Parvo. The chances of her survival were 30 to 70percent. Dr. Moorehead started her on homeopathic medicine and specific and clear instructions on how to care for her at home.

His caring staff called through the weekend to see how Delilah was doing as well as to give my family encouragement to help Missy (her nickname) fight for her life. It was touch and go for two days but on the third day you would have thought my family hit the lottery, because when we went to bed that Saturday evening we were frightened that Delilah wouldn’t make it through the night. She was weak and listless and didn’t appear to have any fight left in her. Sunday Morning we awoke to her yelps and jumping in her kennel wanting out to run and play. Also we have another dog Fila who DR. Moorehead gave preventive medication to and I am happy to say that both of our pets are thriving wonderfully. Thank you and your staff for your care and concern. This is why you and your staff have been chosen by my family to be our pet doctor(LOL) for the past ten years.

Sincerely, The H. Family