Welcome to MainStreet Veterinarians,
your Stone Mountain Veterinarian!

Conventional & Alternative Animal Healthcare

MainStreet Veterinarians practices both conventional as well as alternative animal healthcare from our friendly office in Stone Mountain, GA. As a result, many animal cases of non-optimum health that weren’t resolving with conventional methods of diagnosis and treatment have now been brought back to a state of optimum health by utilizing alternative & holistic techniques of analysis and treatment. MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain offers medicine, surgery, boarding, grooming and retail services as well as Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (pet chiropractic), nutritional counseling and NRT (Nutrition Response testing) and a wide array of holistic foods and nutritional supplements.

Our Mission

To bring about improved healthcare for pets and people by utilizing holistic and conventional methods to achieve the goal of optimal body health as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Additionally, we emphasize true holistic animal wellness & preventive care. In practicing Nutrition Response Testing we are striving to change the current way animal healthcare is viewed.