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Success Stories

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Celebrate World Animal Day on October 4th

Did you know that 36% of all species on earth are at risk of extinction (IS Foundation)? Did you know that many of the world’s 60 billion farm animals are not treated humanely? Can they be saved? Join the World Animal Day on the 4th of October and speak up for those who have no voice! As human beings, we are neighbors, roommates, and friends to all the animals of the world, and it’s our responsibility to help protect them so that their future generations can grow and [...]

October’s Monthly Specials

35% OFF Spay/Neuter/Dental with Blood work $30.00 OFF Full Vaccs Set Feline/Canine $6.00 OFF Grooming Services with Medicated Shampoo Call us to make an appointment and meet our friendly staff! Visit us online at Call Today! 770-498-4620 MUST BRING PRINTED COUPON | ONE OFFER PER PET | ENDS 10/31/2020 OFFERS NOT GOOD ON SATURDAYS

Here Comes National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

It is time to celebrate our black cats and kittens! August 17th is National Black Cat appreciation day. Black cats have gotten quite a reputation over the years. Whether a symbol of bad luck, omens, misfortune, or even witchcraft, it is time we give black cats a new reputation. The history of this day comes from a man named Wayne H. Morris in honor of his late sister and her black cat named June. He created this day to remember his sister and the bond she shared with [...]

Ruffles Review

When my 1.5 year old Chinese Shar-pei, Ruffles, began to have steadily elevating kidney values, we knew something had to change. Some Shar-pei have a hereditary disease called Familial Shar-pei Fever, which attacks the liver and kidneys, leading to a shortened lifespan. Unfortunately, that included our pei-by, Ruffles. Having dealt with kidney issues in our family, we knew there were alternatives. After getting the same answers from local veterinarians, we expanded our search for an experienced, open-minded doctor that leveraged holistic and conventional medicine to optimize health. That [...]

Important Hygiene Tips for Your Pets

Hygiene is an important attribute to our quality of life and your pet is no different. Good hygiene translates to better health and overall well-being. Not to mention, if your pet has bad hygiene, it can make it hard for you to have a good relationship. It can lead to health risks for you and your family and it can create a dirty living environment in your home. Pets love to make our lives full of love. With that comes dirt, grime, dust, dander, fur, and more. Some [...]

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Hurricane

Hurricane season in Florida starts June 1st and goes through November 30th. While summer break can be fun, it is often paired with the occasional fear of a severe storm and the impact it can have. As we enter hurricane season, we recognize the importance of preparing ourselves in the case of a hurricane with supplies for the house and evacuations. But what about our pets? What can we do to prepare them for this time of year? Pets often get the short end of the stick during [...]

On doggy stage 4 conditions

I started bringing my little guy ““Bailey”” to Dr. Moorehead on 6/30/17 for a terrible cough that another veterinarian had diagnosed as a mild case of collapsed trachea, not uncommon for small dogs.  Thanks to Dr. Moorehead and his wonderful staff “Bailey” got on a program that got him well.  We continued the visits and “Bailey” no longer has a cough. “Bailey” had not any issues for 5 months then we had another scare with him.    Fast forward to early 2018: “Bailey” had gotten really sick, not [...]

On skin issues and allergies

Dr. Moorehead and his staff are very caring and truly want to help your pet get better. After years of countless visits to other vets and an animal dermatologist, not to mention thousands of dollars spent, Dr. Moorehead was finally able to help my dog. It took a few holistic visits and proper supplements and my dog is finally able to rest, play, and sleep without scratching all over and biting his feet. He is significantly better and has a better appetite. Dr. Moorehead has been the only [...]

On cat with AIDS…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff, Thank you all so much for your care and concern during Blackjack’s recent illness. When we took Blackjack to your office a month ago he was an extremely sick cat. He was severely dehydrated and had not eaten in days. He was throwing up constantly and totally listless. He finally positioned himself in a hole under the house and would not come out no matter what we tried. His poor little sad eyes said it all. His condition was so dire that we [...]

On malignant skin cancer…

Laney was only 6 weeks old when found along side the road and brought to the Humane Society. We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old, the day after we got engaged 8 years ago. She truly is an important part of our lives and we can’t imagine our family without Laney. That being said, when we heard that Laney had soft skin sarcoma cancer we felt a sense of panic, fear, and loss of control. The recommendation from our original vet was to pursue radiation treatments. [...]

On low energy…

I brought my 11 year old rescued Redbone Coonhound to Dr. Moorehead as a last ditch effort. She had been diagnosed with thyroid problems, congestive heart, insufficient kidney function and “old age”. Three other vets pretty much told me to enjoy her last days. My neighbor has a little Beagle that had not been doing well at all. I saw her during one of our walks a couple of months ago and noticed that Peanut looked much better. Two weeks later Peanut looked remarkably better and I was [...]

Nutritional Program…

Dear Dr. Moorehead, When our 11 year old German Sheppard howled in pain every rime he moved, or every time we slightly touched him, I thought for sure he had ruptured a disc in his back. You could see the pain in his eyes. He was very weak, barely able to support his own weight and would let out the most blood curdling screams I’ve ever heard. We rushed him to see Dr. Moorehead. We were surprised when Dr. Moorehead said it wasn’t his back. Instead, he prescribed [...]

On Heartworms…

I wanted to write and thank all of you at Main Street Veterinarians for the excellent care my wonderful dog Lucy received.  She is a hardy lab mix and to my dismay several years ago had a severe reaction to her vaccinations.  She was under the care of a critical care veterinary clinic and with their help pulled her through.  Because of the experience I became very hesitant about giving her any kind of medication for fear of a reaction.  I even went the route of having titers [...]

On Kidney Problems…

I am very grateful for the Nutritional Response Testing work that Dr. Moorehead offers. He has helped both my dog and cat with health issues that have been compromising their well-being, and have not been successfully treated by conventional (and even alternative) veterinary medicine. My 12 year old cat has had many years of difficult symptoms that looked chronic bladder problems, requiring antibiotics, herbs, and extra fluids on a frequent basis. His behavior was difficult, as he could not sleep at night and has disrupted my rest for [...]

On Environmental Allergies…

I took my dog Sophie to main street because she was having ulcers on her front pads. My vet did not know what it was and pretty much sent us on our way.Dr. Moorehead was our hero. He did some homeopathic (NRT) testing on her and it ended up she was allergic to my cleaning products, some food, sugar, and certain treats. Gave me some medication (nutrition) to detox her and stop itching and in 2 weeks she was heeled. I couldn’t believe it. Since then she still [...]

On Epilepsy…

Dear Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain’s friends; This letter is a testimonial to your skills in treating our dog Sukha who was having seizures. You speculated that Sukha’s thyroid was under active and that a combination of natural medicines and conventional medication might be beneficial. I was skeptical. Epilepsy was in this dog’s history. However, I trusted your judgment and you were right. First we had several months of treatment with many natural medicines and one standard medication. Slowly Sukha’s thyroid function improved. He has [...]

On Food Allergies…

A year ago I took my nine year old dog Zoe to her vet for what I thought was a bladder infection. They kept her all day taking blood and running tests. When I arrived to pick her up the vet took me aside and told me “they” felt she had Cushing’s disease. I was told more tests were needed since the blood work actually came back inconclusive, I agreed. While Zoe was undergoing more tests during the following weeks, I started researching Cushing’s disease and was devastated [...]

On Skin Allergies…

When Dr. Moorehead first did the “arm thing” (NRT) to diagnose medical problems, my initial thought was, “It may be time to look for another vet.” Well, two puppies, many supplements, and years later, I am a believer. My latest success story involves KaCe, my mixed terrier who looks just like Benji. She had been scratching incessantly and, literally, chewing the area near her tail. Dr. Moorehead indicated that 9 out of 10 times the cause for this behavior was fleas. I knew she was the 1 out [...]

On Weight Loss…

I am writing this to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for helping my Norwegian Elk Hound, Loki loose weight and improve her health. Loki got up to an alarming 84 pounds, no matter how I tried to control her diet. She started having difficulty in walking and looked as though she was always in pain. After a thorough exam, Dr. Moorehead prescribed “Science Diet R/D” for overweight dogs and “Canine Musculoskeletal Support” for her joints and tissues. Loki now weighs 56 ½ pounds, a loss of 1/3 [...]