We have an experienced groomer who came to us from a prestigious Atlanta location. Our groomer can perform “show quality” grooming as well as any regular groom. Baths and dips are done as well. The groomer’s passion is the quality of the grooms hence making all clients and pets happy. Our groomer masters scissor cuts as well as any breed grooming cut you may want. We offer medicated shampoos, “SPAW” treatments, nail “Pawlish”, etc. Call her for an appointment, you will be pleased!

  • Grooming services are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Appointment required/Drop ins ok if schedule allows
  • Drop off time for grooming services M-F is 9am, on Saturdays is 8am.

Bath/Grooming Requirements: Canines & Felines are required to have Rabies (RV). It will be given the day of grooming if there is not verification of this vaccination.