Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation or VOM Technology (also known as Veterinary Chiropractic) is available at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain. Dr. Cameron Moorehead is one of only 3 veterinarians in Atlanta that have the ability to perform this therapeutic technology. Call and schedule a VOM evaluation today. The benefits to your pet can be remarkable.

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Nutrition Response Testing (NRT): Is an exact and scientific analysis of the body’s health. First developed for people, we can now apply it to animals using a human indirect tester (an extension in the electric chain). In Nutrition Response Testing, we first analyze your pet’s health and then set up a health improvement program. The health improvement program will help your pet handle what was found in the analysis of their body and condition.

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AIET (Accelerated Intolerances Elimination Technique): Is an allergy elimination technique in which the doctor incorporates acupuncture and applied kinesiology to rid pets (and people) of allergies and other unwanted conditions.