An Ailourophile is an original derived Greek word that mean “a lover of cats”. It is even a valid scrabble scoring word worth 17 points.

Merriam-Webster reports that “although the word ailurophile has only been documented in English since the early 1900s, ailurophiles have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians were perhaps history’s greatest cat lovers, pampering and adorning felines, honoring them in art, even treating them as gods. But the English word ailurophile does not descend from Egyptian; rather, it comes from a combination of the Greek word ailouros, which means “cat,” and the suffix -phile, meaning “lover.” If Egyptian cat-loving sentiments leave you cold and you’re more sympathetic to medieval Europeans who regarded cats as wicked agents of evil, you might prefer the word ailurophobe (from ailouros plus -phobe, meaning “fearing or averse to”). That’s a fancy name for someone who hates or fears cats”.

Cat Owners in the US

Did you know that there are a lot of cat lovers! According to “in 2017 the total number of cats owned as a pet in the United States amounted to about 95.6 millions. In the same year, some 68 percent of all U.S. households owned at least one pet”. You are not alone.

Cat Person Stereotypes

If you are confused whether you are a cat person or not, Livestrong has 8 Cat Person Stereotypes That Are Totally True. See how you do!

  1. You’re totally OK with everyone living life on their own terms.
  2. You’ve got an open mind.
  3. You think your cats are your equals.
  4. You’re introverted and sensitive.
  5. You lean to the left (politically speaking).
  6. You never leave the house without lint rolling first.
  7. You’re grateful for your cat’s attention.
  8. People give you cat stuff all the time.

So, are you a cat person? If you are still reading, you probably are a cat person?

December – Cat Lover’s Month

By the way, December is Cat Lover’s Month. So spoil away!

Enjoy your holidays loving on your furry friend!

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