Everyone knows that your cat or dog needs regular checkups to stay healthy. But do you know how often they should be seen by a Vet? It depends on your pet’s life stage.

Here is information about puppies/kittens, adult pets and seniors:


Right from when they are born to around 4 months of age, your vet should check your puppy every month. This will keep them current on their vaccinations. Make sure to always transport puppies/kittens in a crate because they can be full of energy while they are young. You should also discuss any concerns that you may have about your puppy’s physical development and dietary problems. The vet will also carry out a series of blood tests to chart out any potential puppy problems, such as distemper or parvovirus

Adult pets

Even though pets do not fully mature once they reach an age of 1 or 2, pets can typically be fine by visiting the vet once or twice when they are about six months old. A healthy pet will require a wellness visit to get certain vaccinations, have their teeth checked, get their tick and flea/worm prevention prescription filled out, and have their poop examined. A health check is critical for breeds that are prone to genetic condition.


Generally, most pets reach their geriatric age when they are between six and eight years of age.  Your vet will be able to detect any physical changes that your pet may be going through and will discuss any dietary changes that you need to make for your dog with you.

If you have a senior pet, keep in mind that older pets are more prone to health conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, and a range of other conditions. Routine health exams may be able to detect a host of health troubles at an earlier stage, preventing them from worsening, making treatment easier and providing your senior pet a chance at better quality of life.

It is important to establish a relationship with a local vet that you trust for your pet.

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