Raise your hand if you love puppies? We love puppies too. Puppies are sweet, cuddly, soft, and want tons of hugs, kisses, and love. They run fast all day and then drop sound asleep from being worn out. March 23rd each year is National Puppy Day. This day is specifically to bring awareness to the world to encourage puppy adoption, and to warn us about the dangers of puppy mills.

Let’s celebrate the unconditional love and affection puppies bring to our lives on this special day and all year round too. Their cuddles and wiggles make us smile, and without a doubt, there are squeals of delight when there are puppies around! For more information about National Puppy Day, visit www.nationalpuppyday.com/.

Puppy Adoption

In Stone Mountain, GA, and surrounding areas, there are several pet adoption shelters available. Just google puppy adoption, and you will see a bunch of options pop up. Here are just a few of the locations:

Orphaned pups need care and shelter in a forever home. Puppies are a big responsibility. Be sure to consider everything involved and adopt from a shelter. The puppies at these shelters need love and a safe home just as much as any other pets, too!

Puppy Mill Awareness

Unfortunately in the world puppy mills still exist. People churn out puppies for profit in an inhumane high-volume breeding facility. They ignore the health and needs of pups and their moms in the process. Puppy mill dogs are typically sick with illnesses and diseases and unsocialized, so they don’t always fit into a family environment well. You will find puppy mills advertising on internet sales, online classified ads, pet stores, and flea markets. According to the Puppy Mill Project, over two million puppies are bred in mills each year, and an estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year. In puppy mills, there are horrible conditions, poor genetic breeding, early pup from mom weaning, and a ton of stress for puppies. They can develop serious health and behavioral issues. The Humane Society reports that in many cases puppy mills are not illegal. State laws have not been put into place to monitor and control these horrific conditions.

Fun things to do with your pup to celebrate National Puppy Day

  • Throw a puppy party at the park or in your backyard. Invite all the puppy friends over.
  • Take a nature hike and play away.
  • Practice playing in the water.
  • Go to a dog park and meet a new puppy pal.
  • Snuggle and take a nap together.
  • Get a new toy for your pup.
  • Make sure your puppy has been checked out by a local vet and is healthy.
  • Get your furry loved one groomed.

If you are on social media, take some photos of your pup and use #NationalPuppyDay in your post. Enjoy National Puppy Day!

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