Dr Moorehead and the staff of Main Street Vets have our eternal gratitude, for the extraordinary care they have given to our dog Jacques for the past seven years. When we brought him in for his first visit in 2007, we did not expect him to live more than a few months. He had been diagnosed with Mega esophagus and we were told there was nothing we could do to improve his condition. We were advised to serve him his food and water at chest level to prevent choking and aspiration. He was only ten years old at that time and we were told that he was born with the condition.

One day, Jacques wandered away from home and found himself on the door step of a neighbor. This neighbor was a veterinary assistant at Main Street Vets, so she brought him into the office with her while she waited for us to retrieve him. Dr. Moorehead gave us hope that he could be treated and have a long and healthy life. He told us that Jacques was simply allergic to his dog food! After making some dietary adjustments and adding some supplements to his diet, Jacques fully recovered! We are happy to say that thanks to Nutrition Response testing he is still alive and a very happy 17 year old senior dog. Dr Moorehead is presently treating him for an enlarged heart and Jacques is living proof that the regimen is working!

Dr Moorehead also suggested that we prepare Jacques’ meals instead of relying on commercial dog food. We have noticed remarkable improvement in his stamina and energy levels since we started cooking his meals which consist of whole grains, vegetables and protein (without salt or seasonings added). We highly recommend Dr Moorehead and his excellent staff. They literally saved our dogs life on multiple occasions.