Over a year and a half ago our dog, Simon, a 70 lb Yellow Lab mix, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. When the vet gave us the prognosis of Simon’s living 6 more months and needing chemotherapy (which was supposed to be painful), we were at a loss. We did not want to put Simon, who was 13 at the time, through that pain, especially when the chemo would only add 2-4 additional months to his life. It was then that we decided to see what holistic options were available to, at the very least, keep him comfortable. On the recommendation of a family member, we brought Simon to MainStreet Vets.

To say we were happy is a tremendous understatement. Dr. Moorehead put Simon on a care plan that not only alleviated much of his discomfort, but also gave him more energy and spunk. Within the first 3 months of treatment, Simon was like a younger version of himself. He was running, playing with Jack (our 3 year old Shih Tzu), and having fun. He lived another year and a half and, until the very end, had a very good quality of life. Unfortunately with Cushing’s being incurable and Simon’s age, the disease reappeared. At 14 and a half, Simon’s time had come and we decided to help him move on. Thank you, thank you, thank you MainStreet vets for making Simon’s last year one of the best ones in his life.