I started bringing my little guy ““Bailey”” to Dr. Moorehead on 6/30/17 for a terrible cough that another veterinarian had diagnosed as a mild case of collapsed trachea, not uncommon for small dogs.  Thanks to Dr. Moorehead and his wonderful staff “Bailey” got on a program that got him well.  We continued the visits and “Bailey” no longer has a cough.

“Bailey” had not any issues for 5 months then we had another scare with him.   

Fast forward to early 2018: “Bailey” had gotten really sick, not eating, had loose bowels and throwing up.   We took him to the emergency clinic where he stayed overnight getting fluids as he was dehydrated.  The doctor called us to say “Bailey”’s spleen was enlarged and that they had identified a large mass.  Additionally, his red and white blood cells were very high.  When they showed us the scan results and we further discussed the situation with the attending veterinarian, they gave “Bailey” two to four weeks to live.  Although we considered putting him down we chose to take him home with meds.  

“Bailey” has always felt comfortable with Dr. Moorehead and his staff as they are always on top of everything.  Once he saw all “Bailey”’s tests results, he stated that he believed he could help “Bailey” get better.  

Dr. Moorehead performed Nutrition Response Testing on “Bailey” and designed a nutritional program for him that included detoxification.  Six weeks later,

“Bailey” was in excellent condition.    

We followed the prescribed protocol and the regular visits.  Today, “Bailey” continues to do very well.