I am eternally thankful to Dr. Moorehead and his staff for what they have done to get my aging cat, George, back on track.

Our first visit to MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, two years ago, was an emergency with George unable to keep any food down. Through the Nutrition Response Testing technique that Dr. Moorehead uses he was able to determine what supplements George needed to get him stabilized.

To get to the core of George’s problems it was like “peeling back the layers of an onion” as Dr. Moorehead likes to describe it. All the visits to the clinic were followed up with a phone call to see how George was doing after his “re-checks”.

These phone calls were especially helpful when occasionally different symptoms would appear as the layers were peeled back. Dr. Moorehead and his staff were always reassuring and encouraged me to be patient as the healing process unfolded. Today, George is 15 years young and looking forward to many more healthy years under Dr. Moorehead’s watchful eye and healing touch.

Sincerely, LB.