Please allow me a few moments of your time to tell you of my experience with Dr. Moorehead and his staff.

This is a testimony for Dr. Moorehead who has provided my pet with wonderful care. My dog is named Chops. He is a boxer that had a very hard life before I became his mom.

Chops was abused and never really trusted people. Dr. Moorehead and his staff worked with Chops and I feel Chops understands that Dr. Moorehead and his staff are helping him feel better. His visits to the clinic are now more pleasant as Chops does not become aggressive as he was in the start. Chops is still aggressive, yet he tolerates his treatment better. It warms my heart to see Dr. Moorehead and his staff greets Chops with so much love when he arrives. They make me feel that Chops is an important to them as he is to me.

Dr. Moorehead has treated Chops for about 3 years. Chops has had several medical problems and he was not able to enjoy a walk or run due to his pain. With the great care provided by Dr. Moorehead and his staff Chops is now able to walk and he does strut his self about when we go for our walks. Chops can now run in the yard without pain, he is enjoying his new found life.

I would like to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for the wonderful compassion and care that Chops has received. The MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain is a loving, caring facility and I am blessed to have them in our lives.