Dear Dr. Moorehead:

I will be having my 19th birthday party on June 14, 2009 thanks to Dr. Moorehead and the good care I get at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain. I have been coming to see Dr. Moorehead for many years now. I have had some health problems but Dr. Moorehead always knows what is wrong and how to fix it. The Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is good and accurate and it does not hurt, although I’m not sure I like to hold Dr. Moorehead’s hand every time I come to see him.

I have been with my forever mom since 1990 when she rescued Danny and me. Danny was a baby terrier when our forever mom rescued us but he developed Cushing’s disease and became very sick. The good care he got at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain helped him lived until he was over fifteen years old.

Dr. Moorehead treats me now for mainly getting to be a senior citizen. Because of his good care, I still walk every day at a park close to home and meet my friends. I still like to chase the ducks but it is now a slow chase, the ducks waddle, I walk, but I get them back where they belong, in the water.

I was injured when another dog attacked me and my back leg is a problem but Dr. Moorehead makes sure I am not in any pain and I can walk. My heart is enlarged but really strong due to the “cardio-plus” I have been taking. I go everywhere with my forever mom and everyone knows me. Dr. Moorehead says that walking and my good diet (baked chicken, rice and broccoli cooked at home, and some standby cans of Science Diet D/D Lamb work along with his nutritions to make my life as wonderful as it is.

All you have to do is look at me to know I have the best vet there is anywhere in the country. My coat is beautiful and black (with silver in it), I have nearly all my teeth due to the good dental care from Nicole, my favorite tech, and my mom cleans them all the time, Yuck!!!
Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like much, but it comes from a very happy and healthy little dog. Thanks to all the wonderful people at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, Carmen and her front office staff, and Nicole who always loves me, and the techs in the back. Most of all, thank you Dr. Moorehead for everything you do for all the animals in your care.

Dr. Moorehead combines traditional veterinary services with holistic medicine and I think that means that I am going to have a lot more birthday parties. Don’t tell Dr. Moorehead but I get ice cream for my birthday!

Did I forget to mention that because I took nutritions so regularly over a lot of years that I hardly have to take any at all now? So that proves how good they are; so take your nutritions when your forever mom or dad give them to you and you can live to be a beautiful senior just like me.

I do not see well or hear everything but I always know when Dr. Moorehead comes into the exam room; he always calls me his buddy and that is what he has always been to me.

Thanks good buddy!