MainStreet Veterinarians [Dr. Moorehead] saves another life…

Amelia is a 12-year old Shih Tzu who thinks she is a big dog and still a teenager. A year ago she had an elevated liver enzyme level (alkaline phosphates) that her (previous) vet said was something we’d have to keep an eye on. Six months later, it had risen to over 4,000, where 200 or under is normal. Her cortisol level was also elevated about 10 times the normal level. She looked sad, unhappy, and uncomfortable. I was told that it was probably Cushing’s disease and that her liver was “frying itself,” but that the usual treatment would be too hard on her liver and kidneys, especially given her age, and therefore not advisable. The guidance was to love her and make her as comfortable as possible, as long as possible. I asked how long that was likely to be and was told 2-3 months. That was 6 months ago.

How did we get the added time? I took her to Dr. Moorehead at Main Street Veterinarians. He tested her [Nutrition Response Testing] and started her on several nutritional supplements to help her liver and adrenals to function better, and a less toxic medication for her Cushing’s disease. After only a month, her liver enzyme had dropped to 2,500 (from 4,000), then 1,700 and most recently to only a little over 1,000. Her cortisol level is perfectly normal. She bounces around and generally looks like she is smiling. Visitors immediately comment on the astounding difference in her look and her behavior. It is now six months after her original diagnosis and poor prognosis. Even if she doesn’t live a long time, the extended time she has enjoyed has been one of being comfortable and happy. This is a great example of blending traditional medicine with alternative medicine for the best possible outcome.

Thank You Dr. Moorehead, S.O.