Dr. Moorehead is truly a gifted veterinarian. He is extremely knowledgeable about holistic as well as allopathic solutions for animals. I am so very appreciative and thankful for his expert care regarding my three felines and one canine.

My testimony is about Brandy, my canine whom I rescued two years ago. I adopted Brandy, a 6 year old part Chow and part Lab rescue dog who was about to be euthanized. With her previous owner, Brandy had never had her shots nor had she been spayed. I later found out from another vet that she had heart worms; this vet, also, stated that her case was severe. I immediately brought Brandy to Dr. Moorehead who stated her case was not severe but moderate after running tests. After conferring with him, I decided to have the advanced, intensive treatment to kill the heartworms quickly. Dr. Moorehead explained all the options and made his recommendation, which was the one I chose. This treatment was administered over a three day period and required hospitalization. Throughout the treatment, Dr. Moorehead and his staff were very attentive to Brandy and answered all of my questions very professionally and patiently. Due to Dr. Moorehead’s expertise, her recovery was quick and remarkable

After which, I decided to have Dr. Moorehead test Brandy using the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING Program. Since I am a holistic health practitioner who uses Kinesiology in my own practice, I know the wonderful and amazing benefits. The NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING was very comprehensive and extremely effective. Based on the results, Brandy received a holistic program of supplements and homeopathic tinctures to strengthen her immune and bodily systems. Additionally, Dr. Moorehead recommended that I change her diet since she was eating foods that were causing allergic reactions. I had no idea! I had bought the foods from health food stores because I thought that they were more nutritionally balanced. The NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING proved me wrong. After putting her on a dietary regimen of supplements and the prescribed foods, Brandy became more vibrant and more enthusiastic than she ever was before

With each subsequent visit since two years ago, Dr. Moorehead has commented even though Brandy is now eight years old her immune system is stronger than ever due to the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and his prescribed nutritional program. So, Dr. Moorehead’s nutritional program and my adherence to the program saved Brandy’s life recently.

About three weeks ago, I heard Brandy barking incessantly outside as I was working in my basement in the early afternoon around 1:00 pm. Since she did not stop barking, I knew that something was amiss. I went upstairs to my garage where I saw Brandy jumping up and down and darting in and out. She was focused on something. When I looked to the left of the garage entrance, I saw a large Copperhead snake coiled ready to strike. I frantically screamed for assistance; however, no one responded. So, I had to divert the snake’s attention from Brandy as I made attempts to get her to come to me. I finally was able to have her heed my command. Once I had her, I was able to unleash her and run to my neighbor’s home to alert her son about the snake. En route to her home, I noticed that Brandy was bleeding underneath her right eye. To my dismay, the snake had bitten her.

My neighbor’s son came over to my home where the snake still remained coiled; he killed it and removed it from my property. We later found out that my suspicion was correct; it was a Copperhead, and it was over two feet long. Due to the bite, Brandy’s neck began to swell and to double in size due to the venom. Since this happened on a Wednesday, I knew that I could not take her to Dr. Moorehead’s office since the clinic is closed on Wednesday. As a result, I took her to the emergency hospital for care. They were able to stabilize her until the next morning due to her strong immune system. I immediately brought her to Dr. Moorehead the following morning to provide care. Even though the snake bite was poisonous, the emergency hospital was able to stabilize Brandy due to her healthy immune system. During her visit with Dr. Moorehead, he informed me that had I not acted promptly and had Brandy not been as healthy as she is, Brandy would have died. Those words resounded in my ears and in my heart. The thought of the possibility of losing my beloved Brandy tore at my heart. I also became aware of the fact that Brandy saved my life. Had she not been in the garage, the Copperhead would have bitten me because I would not have seen it. So, two lives were spared on Wednesday, April 17, 2013: Brandy’s life and my life due to Dr. Moorehead’s NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING maintenance program for Brandy. On Thursday, the following day when the office opened, Dr. Moorehead immediately put Brandy on a holistic program to neutralize and eliminate the venom in her body, which it did! As a result of his expertise, Brandy, three weeks later, is now alive, vibrant, and healthy, and I am able to write this testimonial. Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Moorehead and his staff.