In the summer of 2012, my 13 year old West Highland Terrier became ill and completely quit eating. Many visits to our traditional vet and thousands of dollars later, he was no better. He had been given an ultrasound, endoscope, every blood test imaginable and the diagnosis was Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The treatment was mass doses of medication and the result was that he still would not eat. He was taken to the hospital every day for fluids and force feedings and then a feed tube. Fortunately, he began to eat and the feed tube was not used except to give his medication. He lost about 7% of his body weight, was totally lethargic and seemed to have no interest in anything. Several more hundred dollars were spent with a nutritionist who suggested various foods that he would not eat.

A friend of mine suggested that I see Dr. Cameron Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain and have him do Nutrition Response Testing on Bentley. I immediately made an appointment and even though I do not understand the NRT program totally, the results have been amazing.

Dr. Moorehead took Bentley off all medicine and has given him a series of nutritional supplements and almost immediately he began to eat. Over the months, he has gained back all the weight he lost, continues to eat with no gastrointestinal issues, has his energy back and even plays.

Fast forward to May, 2013 and my 16 year old West Highland Terrier, Drew, became ill. Initially, he only had loose stool, still had energy and continued to eat very well. A trip to the traditional vet resulted in four different medications along with complete blood study and urinalysis with minimal findings. Four days later, he began vomiting and would not eat at all. Another trip to the traditional vet and more blood work, he was diagnosed with complete renal failure and a urinary tract infection. He spent four days in the hospital being hydrated and medicated, but would not eat. His kidney values improved significantly and we brought him home on a Wednesday night and after two days of trying to get him to eat, we took him to see Dr. Moorehead.

Dr. Moorehead took him off all medication, performed the Nutrition Response Testing examination. He prescribed a series of nutritional supplements and within 24 hours he began eating. He gained back ½ pound of the 5 pounds he lost during the illness. Drew has regained his energy (as much as a 16 year old can) and continues to eat twice a day.

Needless to say, I think Dr. Moorehead is a miracle worker. He and his staff are very caring and seem genuinely interested in my pets’ well-being and health. Dr. Moorehead is also a traditional vet so proper medication can be administered if needed. I am so glad I found MainStreet Veterinarians as they have given my old guys a little more time and a much better quality of life.

I have one more West Highland Terrier that has not met Dr. Moorehead yet, but as soon as we get Drew stabilized, Sophie will be his next patient.

Thank you Dr. Moorehead!!!!!