I just wanted to share with you the benefits of brining your pet to Dr Moorehead. I am an alternative health care doctor and utilize a lot of nutrition. So I take care of my dogs. Several times my dogs have had life threatening problems which I did not know how to handle. I live in Woodstock so it is quite a haul to get to Stone Mountain but now unquestionably realize it is well worth the trip. I had taken them to other alternative doctors but they were way off the mark to take care of my dogs.

My first experience was Molly had a bladder problem which the “other Vet” was trying to convince me she had cancer and she needed to be put to sleep. Dr. Moorehead diagnosed it and within a week she was FINE. This time, Molly, my Irish Setter, was very sick and I took her to a vet who gave her antibiotics. She was not getting better. So much so that she stopped eating and her stomach was distended.

My wife decided to see Dr Moorehead. Within a few minutes he decided she needed emergency surgery. He performed it and she went home soon after. Her first night home was difficult but on the second day she by far was herself. She wanted to go in the car for a ride, which is one of her favorite activities. She is snuggled under my feet right now.

By far I do not know another vet who has comparable skill and caring. He is my friend.

Dr. Marc