At Thanksgiving, 2010, our 12 year-old Golden Retriever, Lacey, suddenly had difficulty walking. Her hind legs buckled under her & they seemed to go spastic. She also started “knuckling” with her rear paws. We took her the next day to the veterinarian who had been seeing her since she was a puppy. He told us that Lacey was suffering from ataxia of the hind legs & proprioceptive deficits. He basically told us that he could give her pain meds & steroids, but we would sooner than later have to put her to sleep. This was devastating to our whole family! Lacey had always been our daughter Stephanie’s dog since we got her when Stephanie was 10 years old. Stephanie & I bawled for days.

By the grace of God, we were referred to Dr. Moorehead by a friend. Dr. “M” examined Lacey & told us he could help her. He recommended the NRT program. Within 2-3 months we saw definite improvement. Now 16 months later, Lacey, 13, not only walks, but also scampers around outside, running & playing & trying to eat sticks as she did when she was a puppy. The NRT program has been a lifesaver.

Thank you, Dr. Moorehead, for helping to extend Lacey’s life & for giving us so much more quality time with her!

MK & our entire family