“Nemo”, our lovable Siamese cat began to isolate himself, lose interest in food and was getting quite thin. We took him to the local veterinarian who said his teeth just needed cleaning. This was done, but after a few weeks there was no change. He was getting thinner and more dehydrated.We took “Nemo” back to the veterinarian, subq fluids were given and more tests were done. When the test results came back, he said he did not know what the problem was, but suggested that it could possibly be Cushing’s or Addison’s. He referred us to a specialist for which would taken at least a week or two for an appointment and then many expensive tests.

So, I started searching online for an answer and came across MainStreet Veterinarians. I called and spoke with a very nice and helpful tech named Nicole. I was a little skeptical, but because of her caring attitude and patience in explaining things on the phone, I decided to give it a try. Dr Moorehead did the Nutrition Response Testing and found that “Nemo” was sensitive to chlorine in tap water!

He recommended some “ detox” drops for his kidneys and after just a few days his appetite has returned and he is acting like himself again!!

I am so happy to have found this clinic ……Dr Moorehead is the best kind of “specialist”.