Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff,

I am writing this testimonial because of the outstanding work you and your office staff provides. My English Mastiff and my Golden Retriever have been patients of Main Street Veterinarians since March, 2010. Jack, my 13.5 year old Golden was having issues with his eye, (running, keeping it closed, drainage) after weeks of putting drops in it and such I finally took him to see Dr. Moorhead. The results of the nutrition response testing showed that his problem was with in his heart not his eye. We started him on a program for his heart and within a few days his eye was completely fine. We have no more issues with his eye.

Then, after a few months Jack one day was not willing to get up and move, he was throwing up food and all liquids for several days. I took him in again to Main Street again. This time it was his kidneys, we started treating Jack with natural nutrition for his kidneys and within a few days he was not only much better but now he thinks he is a teen-ager. Main Street Vets have given Jack my soon to be 14 year old Golden another opportunity at life. I completely trust their practice. Their staff is friendly, and always on top of their game.

Thank you Main Street Veterinarians,

J.D and SM