Dear Dr. Moorehead,

Thank you for your expertise and wonderful care of my dog, Hector.

For a month Hector was sick with a digestive ailment. He was being treated all this time by another veterinarian without any positive effects. I was advised that the next step would be an expensive blood panel and possibly a colonoscopy with a cost of over $1000.00

Luckily I heard of your services through a neighbor and brought Hector to see Dr. Grant. After only four days Hector’s symptoms improved dramatically but the cause remained a mystery until you performed Nutrition Response Testing on Hector. A food allergy was diagnosed. I had been feeding Hector high quality food that he couldn’t stomach.

With the information obtained through Nutrition Response testing Hector’s diet, attitude, health and happiness are better today than in all his 2 years of life.

My sincerest appreciation,