I am a volunteer at a local shelter and have rescued dogs and cats from the shelter for a few years. Of my last three rescue dogs, the first one had been dumped at the shelter at least twice due to old age and numerous health problems.

People nowadays just dump their old animals at the shelters rather than doing the responsible and moral thing and taking care of them until the end of their life. But, that’s another story. I took this old dog (Frances) to my regular vet and was told I might want to consider putting her down because of her poor condition.
Being the health fanatic that I am, I got online and found Dr. Moorehead and decided to give the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING a try with Frances.

It wasn’t long after beginning the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING, that I started to notice improvements in Frances. She was beginning to come alive. After several months of the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING, Dr. Moorehead did blood work on her and it came back almost perfect. She is not the same dog that I rescued from the shelter that day.

I rescued two more dogs after Frances and have had the same great results with them and the Nutrition Response Testing. One of the dogs was seen by another vet who discovered she had liver issues. This vet was insistent that I put that dog through a liver biopsy prior to being spayed. Of course, I had Dr. Moorehead test her with the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and after about five weeks on the supplements, her blood work showed her liver to be perfectly normal.

Dr. Moorehead spayed her and she recovered incredibly fast. He also helped my 16-year-old cat who was in kidney failure according to her prior vet. He was able to detoxify her kidneys and she is doing extremely well.

AND, Dr. Moorehead also treats me with the Nutrition Response Testing! Instead of running to a medical doctor, I now run to the vet, and definitely get better results! I can’t recommend the NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and Dr. Moorehead enough!