My cat and moved down to Atlanta 6 months ago and it was a big change for all of us. But when she started coughing I thought it was just environmental and it would go away.

After two weeks and it getting worse I decided to take her to a vet, they said it was asthma and gave her a steroid. Although it masked the symptoms she was gaining weight and now weighed 15 lbs. And it was near to impossible to give her the pills.

I tried a holistic vet and she said it was food allergies so she gave me an expensive prescription food. When that didn’t work she suggested an inhaler of steroids. Then I found MainStreet Veterinarians and within 3 weeks she was no longer coughing and had more energy. And now 8 weeks into it she is more playful and full of energy.

Thanks Dr Moorehead.


T.L. & G.