Wilbur is my lovable, goofy, seven year old Basset hound.  When he leaned up against me one morning, and I noticed his stomach was yellowish, I immediately took him to the vet.  They ran some blood tests on him and I was told he had very serious liver infection.  Several of his enzymes levels were extremely elevated.  I was shocked, as he had exhibited no signs of being sick.  A liver biopsy was suggested to determine the cause and a way to “save” him.

Dr, Moorehead did his own testing and determined that Wilbur had a liver infection, complicated by a compromised immune system.  Wilbur had also developed an allergy to chlorine in the tap water, so his immune system was unable to fight the liver infection.  Dr. Moorehead suggested putting him on an intense nutritional program (instead of surgery) to flush Wilbur’s liver and help it to rebuild.  He felt that surgery would be hard on Wilbur in this condition.

After about six weeks of carefully following this program, Wilbur’s blood levels returned to normal.  I have had Wilbur on a nutritional plan through Dr. Moorehead for several years.  He told me that if not for Wilbur’s overall strong health, due to the nutritional plan followed over the years, he may not have survived this.  Dr. Moorehead later told me that Wilbur’s enzyme levels were some of the highest he had seen in a pet and have it survive

I am so very grateful to Dr. Moorehead and the caring staff at MSV.  Wilbur and I think they’re pretty great!