I enlisted Dr. Morehead’s help for my three dogs for the nutrition response consult.  I did not expect a whole lot to happen initially but I felt optimistic for the long run.

I was totally amazed that literally after one administration of the supplements after our first session, two of the three dogs seemed terrific.  My twelve year old terrier was running around, light on her paws, like she was two years old.  I watched her with tears in my eyes.  She was running and running around the house and yard late at night when I got home.  Her habit had been to greet me at the door and then immediately go upstairs to hide under the bed.  I felt so blown away with having results already.

My youngest dog, two years old, was running around the house like a maniac.  Once again, I felt amazed with her energy level.  My oldest dog, 18 years old, was walking a little bit better but still struggling.  I called Dr. Morehead and told him that I was shocked to already have great results and can this be true!?  My dogs have continued to feel good.  They don’t have as much energy as they did the first night but I still see major improvements.

My 12 year old is staying out from under the bed which tells me that she is not hurting as much.
I am so eager to see what the long run of working with Dr. Morehead will be like for my four legged children.