What a dilemma! In March 2007, our only child, a seven year old Australian Cattle dog named Annie was diagnosed with diabetes.  After working as alternative health care practitioners for over thirty years, but with no training or experience with dogs, we were hesitant, even fearful, to apply the methods we know.  Had she been human, we would have been comfortable consulting with other holistic minded doctors and expected great results utilizing the natural healing capabilities of the body.Annie’s condition soon deteriorated to ketoacidosis, and it took a five-day hospital stay to stabilize her insulin levels. Next, an abdominal mass was found.  The ultrasound examination showed suspected pancreatic cancer. A subsequent tissue aspiration confirmed severe pancreatitis. Thank God it wasn’t cancer!  Let the healing begin!  Under the care of her Internal Veterinary Specialists she initially responded well. Then after complications from her diabetes, she began to go blind due to bilateral cataracts.  She had eye surgery for lens implants in August 2007 and thankfully regained her eyesight.

In November 2007 Annie suffered an insulin-induced seizure, which required a trip to the emergency room.  This was followed by months of uncontrollable blood sugar. She was on a roller coaster going downhill fast.  While feeling grateful for the first aid and vision saving skills of her medical caregivers, we began to grow more uncomfortable with the typical hard-line traditional treatment protocols, medications, and prescription diets, which left no hope for rebuilding Annie’s strength and vitality.

We wanted her to be under the care of a veterinarian who had the mind set and experience with the same healing principles that we had experienced in our own practice.
Thankfully in March 2008 we finally found Dr. Moorehead. He is one of a handful of veterinarians in the country that has additional specialized training in alternative health methods.

Under Dr. Moorehead’s care Annie’s health has excelled in every way. We’ve seen expressions on her face we’ve never seen before. She is alert, strong, energetic and happy.  We’re at peace knowing she is getting the very best care to maximize her body’s healing potential.

In our opinion Dr. Moorehead has demonstrated that he is a particularly gifted and exceptional veterinarian. He is also the only vet who offers this kind of safe, non-toxic, highly effective alternative care along with conventional care.

We are fortunate to have him in Georgia.

Drs. R and G R