Dear Dr. Moorehead,

First of all, I would like to thank you and your staff for your help all of these years with my baby Lexus.  I have had Lexus since 1999 and he has been one of the many joys in my life.  As you know, Lexus is 11 years old and has had some heart problems in his many years.  He has always come to MainStreet Veterinarians for his medical care and I attribute his good health to that fact.

A few years ago I witnessed you doing something that I thought it was kind of strange to Lexus when he came in for a routine visit.  At that point I was introduced to NRT (Nutrition Response Testing).  I must admit I was kind of skeptical at first but now that I have seen the results of this revolutionary treatment I am thoroughly convinced.  Lexus is thriving in spite of his health issues and is a very happy little dog.  He is full of energy and sometimes I think he thinks he is still a puppy.

He has responded really well to the NRT treatments and nutrition’s and I look forward to spending as much time as possible with Lexus as long as he’s here.  I’m sure that will be for a while as long as I keep him up to speed with his follow up visits.  I also have to admit that the regular rechecks have been a challenge but I realize they are a necessary part of the required treatment to keep Lexus healthy.  Thank you for your patience with my lack of understanding.  I now know how the system works and will be diligent in the future when it comes to getting Lexus in to see you and keeping him on his nutrition’s.

I look forward to a continued positive relationship with your practice.  Both Lexus and I thank you soo much!!!