Dear Dr. Moorehead and staff,

Thank you all so much for your care and concern during Blackjack’s recent illness. When we took Blackjack to your office a month ago he was an extremely sick cat. He was severely dehydrated and had not eaten in days. He was throwing up constantly and totally listless. He finally positioned himself in a hole under the house and would not come out no matter what we tried. His poor little sad eyes said it all. His condition was so dire that we were certain the time had come to put down this old feral cat turned tame.

Much to our surprise and delight, when we took Blackjack in to see you, you felt confident that it wasn’t his time to go and that you could help him. And help him you did! After leaving him for treatment at the clinic overnight, he was quite obviously feeling so much better the next morning. When we took him home, he immediately started eating and drinking and within the next few days he was walking around again with his head held high. Now he is totally back to normal and his happy self again thanks to you. What a success story.

Thank you again. You guys are so competent and it’s wonderful to have a veterinarian and amazing staff that truly cares. Blackjack thank you, too. Oh, and he loved being hand fed!!!