Laney was only 6 weeks old when found along side the road and brought to the Humane Society. We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old, the day after we got engaged 8 years ago. She truly is an important part of our lives and we can’t imagine our family without Laney. That being said, when we heard that Laney had soft skin sarcoma cancer we felt a sense of panic, fear, and loss of control.

The recommendation from our original vet was to pursue radiation treatments. Trusting their judgment, we made an appointment and were directed to start her immediately for 3 weeks; 5 difficult days a week.

The possible side effects were a mile long and would impact her quality of life temporarily and possibly long term. The radiation did not sit well with us knowing the pain that our poor, dear girl would have to endure.

We started to reach out to everyone we knew for recommendations. One person led to another, which led us to Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain.

Dr. Moorehead immediately put us at ease and gave us hope that there were other options than radiation. We followed the treatment with weekly follow-ups, which became bi-weekly, now every four to six weeks.; Dr. Moorehead’s office has been great about calling to just check in on Laney when a few weeks have passed. Talk about great customer service!

Six months have passed since we got the news on Laney. At this point it almost seems like a nightmare that we would like to forget. Laney is fully recovered and acting younger than she has in years. Her energy level (playing chase with our younger dog) and mobility (jumping on the couch and bed) is amazing.

She has that look back in her eyes that was missing when she was sick.

We would full-heartedly recommend Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians to anyone for the most basic pet care to the more serious illnesses.

Thank you, Dr. Moorehead and team. We thank you for Laney’s health and for the support you gave us when we did not think we had any options.

Kate and Josh