I brought my 11 year old rescued Redbone Coonhound to Dr. Moorehead as a last ditch effort. She had been diagnosed with thyroid problems, congestive heart, insufficient kidney function and “old age”. Three other vets pretty much told me to enjoy her last days.

My neighbor has a little Beagle that had not been doing well at all. I saw her during one of our walks a couple of months ago and noticed that Peanut looked much better. Two weeks later Peanut looked remarkably better and I was convinced to bring Gretchen to Dr. Moorehead.

Gretchen has been going to Main St. Vet now for less than two months and she’s a different dog! Her eyes are clear again; her fur not only stopped falling out, but is soft again. And for the first time in 2 years she walked faster than me on our walk!!!

I convinced another neighbor to also take his elderly dog to Dr. Moorehead and he too is doing better. That’s 3 dogs out of 3 that I know of.

Yes, the [NRT] process is “different” and perhaps “strange”, but when a pet does not respond to traditional therapy there is nothing to lose. Nutrition Response Testing works, ya’ll. It’s worth the drive, money and time.

THANK YOU DR. MOOREHEAD & STAFF! Gretchen loves you all and so do I.