After jokingly saying to my Naturopath that I wished she could treat my dog, she referred me to Dr. Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians stating that he basically does the same work she does, only with animals. I was so excited to hear this!

Our 7 ½-year-old black Labrador, Gracie, has had a history of obsessive paw licking and chewing that seemed to stem from both environmental issues as well as anxiety, and she had a couch-potato personality. Even though she has been on a clean, raw diet since the age of 2 and has seen only holistic practitioners since that age, we just couldn’t seem to shake these problems.

After a series of visits (between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016) with Dr. Moorehead and his team, we are so happy to state that – finally – Gracie is experiencing significant relief and has a renewed, almost puppy-like energy at times! I believe that Nutrition Response Testing was the key difference in this new outcome; it has targeted the root cause and treated the whole body, balancing her systems. She’s even lost a few pounds and has been maintaining a healthy weight for the past 2 months, and running faster and farther than we ever thought we would see. She still has the occasional episode but it is much less intense, less frequent, and is manageable with the program Dr. Moorehead has her on.

We love the whole team there – very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. We couldn’t be happier and are sad to say that we will be moving away from this area. We can only hope to find this level of care in our next city!