In November 2015 Dixie, one of our pets, developed HGE and was so very sick.  I’d never heard of HGE and shortly thereafter learned that many dogs do not survive it.   It comes on so quickly I suspect some pass away before even being diagnosed.  If your furry child begins vomiting with diarrhea pay close attention.  If the frequency increases over a 7-10 hour period, get to your Vet immediately.  With HGE, administering IV fluids is critical to the survival of your pet.

This purpose of this communication is to send a HUGE Thank You to Dr. Cameron Moorehead and the entire Staff of MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain clinic.  Dr. Moorehead specializes in both Traditional and Alternative Health Care.  For more than twenty years, and in addition to annual vaccinations and teeth cleaning, I have taken advantage of the Nutrition Response Testing Dr. Moorehead provides.  It is based on the simple fact that the right nutrition allows the body to heal itself and to promote good health.  I believe this is partially why Dixie was able to beat HGE.

Four days into our HGE experience (Thanksgiving weekend) Dixie was admitted to The Ark Animal Hospital in Atlanta for 24/7 monitoring and IV support over the long weekend.  I am extremely grateful for the excellent care she received there.  The entire team was extremely professional.  While our homeopathic approach did differ from their typical treatment methods they were extremely supportive and provided the care as prescribed by Dr. Moorehead.   As we left the hospital, I sensed their suspicions Dixie may not survive.   I feared this too, but have seen the benefits of Nutrition Response Testing.  It’s so simple.  Determine what is needed, provide it, and exercise a little patience.  It works.  So we headed back to Dr. Moorehead.  I knew it was her best shot.

For the last two months, Dixie has received natural homeopathic supplements and a diet based on her testing results.   It requires patience and commitment because you are not masking a symptom with a drug.  You are testing for what is needed and providing what the body needs to heal.   I hope more Veterinarians consider this method of care so that more furry children can be their healthiest.

We are a long way from the dog that was unresponsive back in November.  I’m so very thankful to God for answering my prayers and to all those who support her as she continues making her trip back to good health.  Looking forward to her 15th birthday in 2016!