My dog, Finn, has not been the healthiest of dogs. At a very young age, his vet bills started to accumulate. When he was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He was unable to walk at all during his second year of life. On two different occasions, he broke large molars while chewing on Nyla bones that required surgery each time. He has had kidney infections and skin issues. Trips to the vet were a very common occurrence in our home. In spite of all of his ailments (and vet bills), he is my heart and I would do (and continue to do) anything to make his life the most enjoyable.

Most recently, he developed a major skin infection. I walked into my house one day, and was almost knocked over by the odor that Finn was emitting. He was also very itchy and uncomfortable and had developed sores all over his body. I took him to his regular vet to remedy this situation. I told my vet that I had done some research and concluded that Finn had a terrible yeast infection over his entire body. I told her that I had bought some probiotics and other natural supplements that had been recommended through various holistic websites. She laughed at me. She said it was more than likely a yeast infection, but wouldn’t know for sure without proper testing. She also told me that I just threw my money down the drain because there was nothing that could be done to heal his skin, only medications that could ease some of his symptoms. Although I was not happy with this response, I felt helpless, and left that day with a medicated shampoo and wipes to apply to affected areas. Then I promptly went to the internet to find a holistic vet.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Moorehead. First off, he took one whiff of Finn and offered, that yes, he definitely had a yeast infection. And then he went to search out the culprit(s), not give me a medication to cover up the smell. He determined that Finn was allergic to all sorts of things, including his food, and was having a reaction to the chlorine in the tap water I had been giving him. This was the beginning of Finn’s healing process. I signed up for the whole Nutrition Response Testing regimen and we went to work, uncovering all of Finn’s ailments. The supplements that were suggested for Finn healed his skin and then started to unveil some underlying issues in different organs. The NRT has also helped Finn’s teeth and hips. I never imagined it would do that.

A few months after starting the program, Finn is a much healthier and happier dog. I would recommend that everyone take their animals to see Dr. Moorehead. Your pet will thank you!