My blue (gray) Pit Bull, Minnie, began seeing Dr. Moorehead over a year ago. Minnie was only a few months out of the shelter and began developing pretty severe “hot spots” on her neck. Not long after, she started to get strange bumps all over her body. The bumps were sometimes hard and pink; others were filled with white fluid. Sometimes they would break open and bleed, and other times they’d just disappear after a few weeks. She would also go through periods of extreme shedding (she has a very short coat), and she was itchy. We tried switching Minnie’s food a few times to see if there was an underlying allergy but saw no changes. There didn’t seem to be any environmental triggers we could identify either, and it seemed overall she was just getting worse. I found Dr. Moorehead through a fellow rescuer’s referral, as I wanted to take a holistic approach to Minnie’s health — I didn’t want her to begin the more traditional regimen of steroids and antihistamines to control her skin.

Dr. Moorehead performed the Nutrition Response Test on Minnie at her first appointment and identified some of her internal organs as being the cause of her skin issues. She began taking several nutritional supplements and continued to see Dr. Moorehead weekly or bi-weekly for the first several months. The transformation was almost immediate, and it was incredible to see. Her hot spots went away, her strange bumps have disappeared, and her coat is shiny, healthy and itch-free. She has remained on the same food and hasn’t had to take Benadryl or a steroid since we started the program.

Minnie continues to see Dr. Moorehead on a maintenance basis for her skin (her supplements change from time to time depending on what her body needs), and he is also now her primary vet for annual vaccines and wellness exams. We drive a good distance to see Dr. Moorehead, but it’s absolutely worth the time and the investment. Minnie’s coat is beautiful, smooth and shiny (and she’s not shedding!). Plus she loves being Dr. Moorehead’s “buddy” and is thrilled to see the friendly staff whenever we have an appointment.

I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Moorehead and the Main Street Veterinarian team to anyone with a dog (especially a Pittie!) or cat struggling with allergies or skin irritation.