I have a 6 year old Doberman that one moment totally fine and the next paralyzed and screaming in excruciating pain (and I mean screaming, I will never forget that sound). I was so mortified and distraught I immediately brought him to the vet for a diagnosis/help.

After many hundreds of dollars worth of tests and a total lack of listening to my thoughts about what might be wrong I was told he had severe Spondylosis and to give him massive doses of Tramadol (pain pills) and to basically shut him in the bathroom so he could not move around. I was informed that this is a situation that occurs primarily in older dogs and there is not much that “they” do as far as treatment for a dog this young.

This answer was just not good enough for me. I started networking and researching how to treat this disease and came up short. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Moorehead. Upon our first visit we just knew we were in the right place. We were greeted by a professional caring staff, and Dr Moorehead followed suit. Dr Moorehead assured me Apollo would have quality of life and sure enough in just a week or so he was up and moving around.

With only a little stiffness upon rising, He is now 10 months into his program and Apollo is like a puppy again. Running, jumping, walking up and down stairs (he would never go up and down stairs, never). He is frisky and playful… This is a miracle situation!

I cannot thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff enough for giving Apollo his life back.