My now 14 month old Goldendoodle, Copper, had frequent unexplained digestive issues as a puppy. At times his stools would be loose with occasional diarrhea. I switched him to grain free kibble but his bowel issues continued. Then following his heart worm medication at 8 months, he suffered from watery stools for a week. To add to that, he developed a flea problem following being boarded during our vacation and ended up with inflamed skin. He would scratch and bite his skin all day, making himself and the rest of us miserable. I wanted much more than symptom management so I found MainStreet Vets in Stone Mountain.

Dr. Moorehead introduced me to Nutrition Response Testing. I was excited because I could heal Copper naturally. I have a son with extreme chemical sensitivities so it was very important that Copper’s treatment regimen fit within my restrictions. What I learned during this process was invaluable to Copper’s health. Not only did he have digestive issues, but his liver, kidneys, thyroid, and at one point heart needed support. Then following an eruption of hives over his entire body after ingesting a dog treat, we discovered that Copper is extremely grain sensitive. Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead could tell me the cause for this allergic response and then address it with supplements and diet. He has helped me with all of his intake, food, treats, and water, to make sure his body is getting what it needs and is at it’s healthiest.

Throughout his treatment, Dr. Moorehead and staff always explained to me what they were testing for, the findings, and made recommendations outside of the necessary supplements. They explained to me the importance of being consistent with his supplements and care and genuinely cared about his health. In between appointments, the office staff would call me to check on Copper and see if I had questions.

Copper now has a beautiful soft coat, no itching, normal stools, and tolerates his heart worm medication! I feel blessed to have found Dr. Moorehead and continue to be grateful for the care he provides. Next month when it is time for Copper’s vaccinations, I know he will be in good hands.