My 7-yr old Yorkie “Boss” is the love of my life. He’s my mother’s only “grandchild” and he is an integral part of our family. Oddly enough, he’s been pretty healthy most of his life so I was really surprised when he became sick in February. He was vomiting off and on all week and I did the usual (held his food, changed to baby food for a few days, etc). This time, it was apparent he was really sick, so we took him to his regular vet who did a full workup on him, including X-rays, stool and blood tests. She gave him fluids and anti-nausea meds and told me that his dog food was old, because there was nothing else wrong. So I took him home and watched him for a few hours and that evening he started back vomiting all over again, now vomiting the IV fluids he was given! I called the vet’s after-hours line and was instructed to take him to an animal hospital…Boss only got sicker by the hour! Initially the animal hospital repeated the same treatment the vet did earlier that day, but Boss became increasingly sick while they were treating him. Boss was so sick that they convinced me to do a barium swallow test on him, stating that he had to have an obstruction. Hours later, nothing turned up on his exam except that his bowel motility was decreased. However, we still didn’t have a clue as to why he was so sick. The animal hospital suggested exploratory surgery “to find a reason for his sickness.” I declined and checked him out of the hospital against medical advice of the vet on staff. I figured if my poor dog was going to die, it wasn’t going to be as a result of some bogus exploratory surgery. At home, he continued to decline, no longer eating. I began to feeding him liquid through a syringe in order to keep him hydrated.

Up one night on the internet as I was searching for another vet to possibly get a third opinion, I came across MainStreet Veterinarians. I read the reviews from other patients and felt that finally God was answering my prayers. I have to admit, I was delirious from lack of sleep, stressed, and out of $2000+ dollars with no real answers for Boss’ sickness. The next morning I bought him in to an extremely concerned and friendly staff. I left my sick Yorkie with the staff, who immediately starting evaluating him. I finally felt relieved.

When I spoke to Dr. Moorhead a few hours later, he reassured me that Boss was simply full of toxins, but once he started a “detox” program, he would start to feel better. Honestly, I was shocked! No need for any more expensive studies, no blood tests, nor did he suggest any ridiculous procedures. Boss started the “detox” program and within a few days resembled a new dog! Now months later, he’s back to his normal self, running around full of charm and pizzazz, that nightmare far behind us. Dr. Moorhead and his staff are truly a Godsend, and our family will forever be grateful!

Kind regards,