A year ago I took my nine year old dog Zoe to her vet for what I thought was a bladder infection. They kept her all day taking blood and running tests. When I arrived to pick her up the vet took me aside and told me “they” felt she had Cushing’s disease. I was told more tests were needed since the blood work actually came back inconclusive, I agreed.

While Zoe was undergoing more tests during the following weeks, I started researching Cushing’s disease and was devastated to find out my little friend might succumb to kidney failure.

All the tests came back inconclusive and the antibiotics cleared up the infection yet our vet still insisted she had this decease.

It was the cold, uncaring manner and the inability to look outside the box for other causes that made me begin looking for a more holistic approach and found Dr. Moorehead and his staff.

During her first visit using the NRT method we discovered she was allergic to rice! I was floored after a year of putting Zoe through test after test and a barrage of antibiotics all I really needed to do was change her diet!

Now after using supplements to help clear up “blockages” she is on her way to better health.

Zoe is ten now and I feel without the knowledge and support Dr. Moorehead and his staff have given us she wouldn’t be looking forward to a happy senior lifestyle.

So I say thank you, which really doesn’t seem to be enough for giving me a friend back!

You and your wonderful, supporting staff Linda, Nicole, Jackie and all the others are in our hearts and prayers.

Thank you for caring for Zoe as if she were your own!


Sharon and Zoe