When Dr. Moorehead first did the “arm thing” (NRT) to diagnose medical problems, my initial thought was, “It may be time to look for another vet.”

Well, two puppies, many supplements, and years later, I am a believer.

My latest success story involves KaCe, my mixed terrier who looks just like Benji. She had been scratching incessantly and, literally, chewing the area near her tail. Dr. Moorehead indicated that 9 out of 10 times the cause for this behavior was fleas. I knew she was the 1 out of the 10, because I was positive she did not have fleas.

After the “arm thing” (NRT), Dr. Moorehead determined she had several allergies, and he prescribed four supplements and bottled water. After only two weeks, the raw area near her tail had healed and her hair was growing back.

If Dr. Moorehead were not a caring as he is skilled, I would not be a client. Six years ago, when my 16-year old silky terrier was very ill, Dr. Moorehead was there … on a Sunday. Unfortunately, Dooley did not make it, but I will never forget Dr. Moorehead’s compassion.

Finally, I cannot commend Dr. Moorehead without doing the same for his excellent staff. They are the best!


Nancy and KaCe