Amber is a Lhasa Apso who is 14 ½ years old now, but you would never know it, except that she can’t jump over the 36″ doggie gate now as she used to do.  She runs and plays with her toys and is remarkably happy and without any obvious aches and pains that would plague a person of her relative age.  Her blood work and other tests confirm her good health—even her heart is working well, unusual for a dog her age (even if she doesn’t think she’s a dog).

I attribute her good health to her excellent treatment and care by Dr. Moorehead and staff at the MainStreet Veterinary Clinic for almost two years. The distinction of the treatment is the blending of the best in traditional veterinary care and alternative health care. The nutritional supplements are keeping all systems “go.”Dr. Moorehead is a remarkable and skilled animal health care professional who genuinely cares about his patient and the family. Amber and I count ourselves lucky to be working him in achieving optimal health for her for such an extended time.

 Sincerely, SO.