I have known Dr. Moorehead since I was in middle school.  I do not remember how my mom decided to choose Dr. Moorehead as our veterinarian, but it doesn’t matter because he is the best!  He has always taken such great care of our cat and dog, especially when a car hit our dog Buddy.  Dr. Moorehead treated him without any kind of surgery and now he is in the best shape he’s ever been in.

Now I am all grown up, live on my own, and have my own pet.  I got my kitten Lorelei when she was six weeks old and now she is ten months.  She has been sick the entire time I’ve had her.  I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake than I did when I took Lorelei to a veterinarian office that was close to my apartment versus the veterinarian who I knew would and could help her.

I have spent so much of my money and time taking her to a doctor who kept misdiagnosing her.  First it was ringworm, and when that did not seem to go away and only get progressively worse I took her back to find out that she was suffering from an allergic reaction to plastic.  Things just did not get any better.  The final straw was when I came home from work one evening and her face was covered in blood from all the irritation and scratching she had done to herself and I took her to Dr. Moorehead ASAP!  I knew Dr. Moorehead would be the one to fix all the problems and sure enough he did.

He found that she was allergic to the chlorine found in tap water, which was blocking her regulation hindering him to cure herself of the parasites that were living in her this whole time.

Lorelei was in the road to recovery only after the first visit and now after seeing Dr. Moorehead about four times in a two month period she is almost perfect for the first time in her short life.

I do not know what I would’ve done without Dr. Moorehead, his amazing techs and his friendly staff.  He took the huge disaster I had and turned it into a miracle and saved my cat.

He is by far the best veterinarian ever!  He is so smart and knows exactly what he’s doing.  It does not matter what breed, what size, or what age your pet is, Dr. Moorehead gives nothing but accurate and positive results when caring for the animals that cross his doorsteps.  I give nothing but my gratitude and infinite thanks yous!

 Sincerely, AM.