To Everyone at Main Street Veterinarians,
I’m pleased to inform you that Daisy recovery is going very well and my wife and I are very thankful that we had found your clinic.

On August 1st, 2008 my wife and I began noticing that our dog Daisy who’s only 4 years of age was not being as playful as she is normally. Then on August 4th, we had both noticed that Daisy was losing her ability to stand on both her hind legs. Panicking that she may have digested something toxic while we were remodeling our new home or perhaps that she injured herself in the new surrounding, my wife and I rushed her to a traditional veterinarian clinic that very day. Without running any tests or even taking her temperature reading the veterinarian came to the conclusion that the patella in her hind leg “could be” slipping out of place. He quickly recommended surgery.

Suspicious and uncomfortable with his diagnoses my wife and I had decided to get a second opinion from another traditional veterinarian on August 6th. By this time, Daisy’s situation got even worse. She had lost 90% of her ability to utilize her hind legs. After reading her temperature, body weight and taking an x-ray, they concluded that Daisy required back surgery as they believed there “could be” a herniated disc in the spine, although no such evidence was present on the X-Ray.

Frustrated to receive two entirely different diagnoses that required extreme medical treatments followed with the insecurity in their diagnoses, we decide for a third opinion.

This time we had ventured to go untraditional (holistic) and discovered MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain, operated by Dr. Moorehead. On August 8th, we arrived at his office with Daisy. The Dr and staff members were very friendly and showed a tremendous concern for Daisy since our arrival. The method that the Dr. used to diagnose Daisy was very different from what I was used to seeing but very impressive and is called “Nutrition Response Testing.” Using this method Dr. Moorehead was able to identify the root cause of Daisy’s problem with confidence and in just less than 30 minutes. His staff sent us home with three bottles of all natural supplements and within 2 days… Daisy made an amazing 95% recovery. My wife and I were shocked!

Not only did Daisy not require extreme treatments that would have cost us thousands of dollars and possibly weeks of therapy, but also her rate of recovery from Dr. Moorehead treatment was quicker than the time it took for the negative factors to bring her to the level of decline that she had reached. His diagnoses and treatment was right-on and I firmly believe only a doctor who cares about what he does can poses such skills.
To anyone reading this testimonial – you have brought your pet at the right clinic.