I wanted to write and thank all of you at Main Street Veterinarians for the excellent care my wonderful dog Lucy received.  She is a hardy lab mix and to my dismay several years ago had a severe reaction to her vaccinations.  She was under the care of a critical care veterinary clinic and with their help pulled her through.  Because of the experience I became very hesitant about giving her any kind of medication for fear of a reaction.  I even went the route of having titers done to make sure she met the requirements of the state and to protect myself legally.  Unfortunately titers will not cover you if your dog bites someone.  I decided for her well being I would not vaccinate, but it was very frustrating because it kept her from dog parks and having fun as well as tying me down at home.

I go into such detail because I wanted all to know that good things come from bad situations.  Due to my lack of wanting to medicate I did not give Lucy her heart worm treatments in the winter and because of this she developed heart worms.  I did not trust a regular vet to treat her with such toxic medication so my Alternative Health Dr. recommended Dr. Moorehead because he treated animals using the same technique as she.  Using supplements to aid in strengthening her as she underwent her treatment she came through with flying colors not to mention that he determined the vaccination that she had severely reacted to. Long story short she now is a legally vaccinated dog and truly the healthy dog she had always appeared to be.  I wanted to let all know that for those of us animal lovers who at times need to take the alternative route it is truly a blessing to know that there are Drs. out there who have the courage to go the extra mile and opened minded enough that all good medication natural or otherwise works for our good.  Thank you Dr. Moorehead and your staff for caring!

 Sincerely, SB.