I am very grateful for the Nutritional Response Testing work that Dr. Moorehead offers. He has helped both my dog and cat with health issues that have been compromising their well-being, and have not been successfully treated by conventional (and even alternative) veterinary medicine.

My 12 year old cat has had many years of difficult symptoms that looked chronic bladder problems, requiring antibiotics, herbs, and extra fluids on a frequent basis. His behavior was difficult, as he could not sleep at night and has disrupted my rest for 10 years. When I recently took him to Dr. Moorehead, it was discovered through the NRT testing that his kidneys and brain were toxic with mercury. After several weeks of treatment Simba is much, much better! He has not required any fluids, he is consistently sleeping all through the night, and is a different (and younger acting) cat!

My 9 year old Shih-Tzu had developed several symptoms in the fall that were very concerning to me. He began having intestinal irritability, fatigue, bladder infections, sudden weight loss, and his hair had thinned and was unhealthy looking. When Dr. Moorehead saw him for the first time, he found that he had a virus – with the powerful herbs for several weeks, and treatment for other, less dangerous health issues, he is recovered and better than ever!

The work that Dr. Moorehead does so skillfully is invaluable – and it does require consistent retesting and possible new supplements for the first several weeks of treatment. But I found that this “intensive care” has paid off and I am very pleased with how my boys are doing now!