At the age of 3 my dog developed weakness in her hips, and lacked the energy to go on a walk longer then around the block. Over the years we’ve taken her to multiple vets. We’ve had x-rays, chiropractic, acupuncture, every test and treatment under the sun and did not receive a diagnosis or a cure.
I took my dog to MainStreet Veterinarians after reading about Nutrition Response Testing. Through NRT Dr. Moorehead I discovered my dog had a fungus and bacteria that had settled in her hips. Dr. Moorehead gave my dog several nutritional supplements to clear out the fungus/bacteria.
After 8 weeks of treatment, my dog was feeling great and now has tons of energy and is happy again.

Since my dog has done so great with NRT, I decided to start the NRT program for myself. I was having leg and hip pain, and muscle weakness in my legs. Prior to NRT, I spent the last year treating my symptoms with chiropractic, massages, acupuncture and Muscle Activation Therapy, none of which held long term relief and the pain in my hips and legs continued to get worse.
Through Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead discovered I had a fungal and viral infection and my kidneys were weak. (Just to let you know, I am a healthy person. I am fit; I exercise and do not eat fast or processed foods).

After 2 weeks of treatment, I feel great. The pain in my hips and weakness in my legs is gone, and I am beginning to feel like my young self again. I believe in NRT and am so happy I found Dr. Moorehead and MainStreet Veterinarians.
However, if you do not believe that our bodies are energetic and self healing, then NRT is not for you or your pet. Everyone that works at MainStreet Veterinarians is friendly and it is clear they love animals. Me and my dog are finally feeling good again.

Thank you Dr. Moorehead!
Susan D