Dear Dr. Moorehead,
I would like to thank you and your staff at MainStreet Veterinarians with all my heart for saving my life. As you know, when I first came to see you I had some serious health problems and at age 14 my other veterinarians were concerned that I was not strong enough to make it through the surgery I needed.

I could tell how relieved my mother was when she met you because you had such a positive attitude about helping me. You gave her the sense of trust she needed to treat me with NRT. With you help and the NRT program, I quickly became stronger, developed more energy and a renewed glimmer in my eyes. My parents and I were so pleased with this progress that we could not hope for more.

After a month on NRT you told us you though I was strong enough to undergo the surgery I needed to remove tumors. Let me tell you, we were nervous, but again your confident and caring manner gave us the courage we needed to get through the surgery. It was a big success – you removed the tumors, I can now eat with no problem, my legs are strong enough to support myself, and without that gigantic tumor on my hip I can walk well.

My parents would like me to thank you for the tremendous care you and your staff have shown throughout the NRT program and the surgery. We are eternally grateful to you and will recommend you wholeheartedly every opportunity we get.

Sincerely Yours