I cannot express how grateful I am that I found Dr. Moorehead and his staff. My cat Butters was diagnosed with a failing liver by 2 different veterinarians. In essence they both told me that the best option I had was to take Butters to a specialist or Athens Vet school and have a feeding tube inserted and force feed my cat without a guarantee for his survival.

A friend said it was too bad there were no holistic vets to consult to get another opinion as opposed to only a conventional practitioner. I recalled that I had heard of a vet who was both holistic and conventional in Stone Mountain, Dr. Moorehead. I scheduled an appointment admittedly kind of skeptical but as a Massage Therapist I am open to alternative practices and hoped for a miracle. Well I got my miracle after consulting Dr. Moorehead and having him do Nutrition Response Testing and prescribe what supplements Butters required to get back to health. Two days after visiting the good doctor Butters began to noticeably recover and regained his appetite. Now I have a great Christmas to look forward to with a healthy bouncing 5 year old cat that I thought would have passed on by now as per the other vets. Butters has returned to a playful cat almost kitten like, better than even before.
I cannot say Thank You enough.

Thank you Dr. Moorehead and your wonderful staff for giving me my Butters back.